The ancient masks, this is a mask

The ancient masks, this is a mask

  According to Taiwan’s "Mid Electronic News" reported on July 31, Jinmen was used in solving water problems, and has been used after the mainland Jinjiang, and has been used after the project is completed. The water-saving project will be held in Golden Gate on August 5, and the mains of the Taiwan authorities suddenly appeared on July 27, "suggested" will be delayed.

  The postponment of the land committee is "the timing is not appropriate".

The direct background is recent East Asian Youth Games in Taichung City to be canceled, and the Ministry of Protection is attributed to the "pressing" of the mainland. This unexpected obstruction and girrging of the Taiwan authorities, triggered the strong dissatisfaction between the local people and Taiwan’s public opinion, and the commentary, "the ancient masks, this is a mask." The obstruction of the "timing is not appropriate" quadruple, and the Taiwan Senior Media Tang Xianglong directly questioned "what". He said that the Golden Gate people have not agreed with Taiwan, especially the DPP. Have you ever thought that the Ministry of Public Advanced Party did? Tang Xianglong believes that Jinmen people are not just water, the feelings of Golden Gate and the opposite shore are not just political performances, they are solid, and they are a family life for thousands of years. Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, emphasized: "There is no water, Golden Gate’s policy and basic construction will be stuck; the water problem does not solve, and the development of Jinmen is empty.

"In order to solve the problem of golden gates, the mainland has been proposed in the 1990s to promote water to Jinmen in Fujian Province. Until June 2013, the ninth talk of the leaders of the two sessions of the sides of the strait will actively promote the introduction of Jinmen from the mainland.

In July 2015, Fujian officially signed the contract of Jinmen Water Supply Project.

Plus water from Quanzhou Jinjiang Jinji to Longhu Reservoir, pumping water through the pumping pump station to the front of the sea point, and then sent to Jinmen by the seabed pipe. Nowadays, the dust is finally settled, but the authorities have elicited moths. Tang Xianglong said, "Today, the reason is based on politics, don’t let me see, low-key, have you in touch with you, have this truth?" Questioning, "Emmers" Golden Gateman is drinking mainland, but it is not allowed to thank, it is a wretched order. The Jindian County Government issued a press release on the evening of July 27, and the call for the Welfare Administration, and the consent ceremony was held at the original time. Taiwan’s mains said that because the mainland "repeatedly suppressed", the Golden Gate county government "is heavy", but the water time can be performed according to the original plan.

  Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, insists that the ceremony can cooperate with the Idea of ??the World, and to obtain the agreement and understanding of the mainland.

He is looking forward to communicating with the land, letting the Gate from the mainland’s water porcells.

  Taiwan’s "United Daily" analysis said that the Ministry of Protent Party can "counter" continent, and at the same time, it will be canceled by it as a "leading activities". The Democrepreneurship of the People’s Republic of China will postpone the ceremony to fight the "pungement". It can be not mentioned that the East Asian Olympics will hold the East Asian Youth Games. Direct Guide is the People’s Political Forces and "" Taiwan independence "" "The" Tokyo Olympic Games Rehabilitation "claims to participate in the Tokyo Olympics with" Taiwan "rather than" China Taipei ".

Nowadays, I have requested the provision of the golden gateway, but this big incident of Jinmen people’s livelihood has been planned, how can I say that turning my face is like a play? Chen Yuzhen, Jinmen County, said that this is a case where the Ministry of Democratic Party is gaining from the outside of the country.

She called on the authorities, this kind of thing should not be done again, and every time I have seriously hurt the emotions of the Taiwanese people.

The ancient age has a story that is covered with a hidden thing in this world. Blame, ridiculous, and more sad. Innotable "United Daily" article believes that if Jinshen County does not listen to the land committee, the DPP may not approve the mainland officials to Golden Gate.

Because anyway, the two sides have been substantially water, as long as the water is ineffective, the activities of the drums do seems to be possible. However, Golden Gate has special contacts with the mainland. If the two sides of the hostility have risen, the last suffering is still the people of the Golden Gate. Chen Fuhai responded to the incident on July 29, it has been expressed, will be held as usual. However, the land committee still claims on July 30th, the current "timing is not suitable", hoping the Golden Gate County Government delayed the ceremony.

Moreover, the main committee says that the activity can be called a "ventilation ceremony" in the case of the Taiwan authorities, the mainland, and Jinmen County tripartite. The Golden Government of Jinmen County was subsequently discussed that August 5th event was finalized as "Golden Menmaster witnessed the continental water purification ceremony", and did not use the original "Water Ceremony" name. Taiwan’s "China Times" believes that delaying the ceremony but hopes to use the water, the United States is in line with the interests and social views of the island. It is true that the authorities cannot solve the demand for water in Golden Gate, must rely on the mainland. However, it is still not willing to continue to show two strait cooperation at this time. He has to take this policy, completely reflect the inconsistent and unrealistic, "even in order to implement the ideology, do not hesitate to make a victim, and pay attention style".

  The Kuomintang "Relief Committee" Zeng Mingzong said that the DPP should have the weight of the people’s livelihood, and there should be more smarter practices on both sides of the strait. Do not protest, counter-system, and fall into a vicious circle. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.