Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

  On November 29th, Taizhou Housing Service Work Promotion Association and "Turning Stomach" reform pilot site will be held in Jiaojiang in Taizhou.

The reporter learned from the meeting that there are 369 housing service agencies in Taizhou, with a total main setting, a thousand people, the coverage rate of township has reached 55%, and 10 of the county-level infant care service guidance center. 11 training bases effectively meet the homage needs of family housing.

  Since the launch of housing services in Zhejiang in March 2019, the highlight of Taizhou housing service has been in front of Zhejiang.

Taizhou’s Jiaojiang, Wenhai, Tiantai, and Xianju 5 land successfully jointly declarested the first batch of pilot cities of the National Development and Reform Commission’s "City Enterprise Association Increased Puhetic Housing Authority", won the central government funds 14.6 million yuan; Wenling Rural Areas Children’s early development projects have become a national pilot; Jiaojiang has a national unique county city representative at the national Pu Huiji Hillow Service Symposium, Wenling is a typical statement at the Zhejiang Housing Service Workshop; Taizhou Road Bridge, Wenling Housing service work is affirmed by the deputy governor of Yue Chong. At the same time, Jiayang made a pilot experience introduced that the three units of Taizhou Luqiao, Yuhuan and Xianju shared practical experience. After the meeting, the reporter visited Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center and the street infant care service guidance center. In the Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center located in Baiyun Street in Jiaojiang, more than 60 children, divided into three classes, under the guidance of the teacher, carry out various activities such as finger rhythm, free games.

Wang Junbo, the head of Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow, introduced that the center received an infant child 2 to 3 years old, and the curriculum is based on the game class, cultivating the child’s behavior habits, and the development of exercise movement. It is also carefully set in the recipes. Eat healthier. According to reports, the housing center is a public housing agency in the first community service model in Jiaojiang District. In October This year, Ming and Yayuan Hillow were rated as four-star housing institution, and the only four-star housing institution in Jiaojiang. In October this year, the Baby Child care service guidance center in the first street community level of Jiaojiang was established at the Shu Street Community Health Service Center. Dad Huang Xiaodong said that every time I came to the guidance center, I can learn some parenting knowledge. The health department is the leading department of housing services.

The relevant person in charge of Taizhou Weijian sector said that the next step to deepen the integrated reform of "one thing" in the housing service field, and actively build three "one thing" application "" Scenes, with digital means to better meet more home homage needs. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.