The top design continues to improve the development of the network security industry to enter the expressway

The top design continues to improve the development of the network security industry to enter the expressway

With the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change, cloud computing, big data, block chain, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, etc., the development of new technology, the development of network security industry ushered in new space and new opportunities.

Recently, in the 2021 National Network Security Publicity Week Network Safety Industry Development Forum, the experts scholars believe that the top-level design and overall layout of my country’s network security is constantly improved, the network security industry has evolved into the fast lane, the next step, should continue to strengthen the supply Chain, focus breakthrough core technology, driving the industry to form high quality growth patterns.

Policies, regulations, the top design continuously improved in 2021, my country’s network security and information policy regulations, key information infrastructure safety protection regulations, data security law, personal information protection law released, this for enhancing national network security Protect the public interest, and accelerate the development of network security industry is of great significance.

"my country’s network security laws and regulations have been basically established." Liang Lijun, deputy director of the Safety Technology Industry Department of the CCM Office Network Security Coordination Bureau, said that in recent years, my country’s network security work has been positive, and the top design and overall layout continue to improve, legal system The foundation is constantly consolidating, forming a series of vivid practices and valuable experience.

The relevant work will continue to advance. The Outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan", improve the national network security laws, regulations and institutional standards, strengthen data resources, important networks, and information system security.

Establish a sound key information infrastructure protection system to enhance safety protection and safeguard political security. The planning program makes a clear requirement for network security, including industrial positioning, national policies, capacity systems, and technological development and other levels. China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute Party Secretary, Vice President Yang Jianjun analyzed, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, policy (legal) supporting system related to network security, standard system will be further improved to guide network security industries, improve National network security protection capabilities, guarantee personal information security, etc. will become the focus.

The market demand has grown rapidly, and the industry development has entered the Expressway Ministry of Expressway. Participants believe that technological innovation is highly active, the market demand is rapid, the level of product and service supply continues to improve, and the industrial structure system is more sound and improved, and new vitality has brought new vitality to the network security industry.

"The economic development has a better situation, and it is more urgent to network security." Yang Jianjun said that according to regional points, the current network security demand is the most powerful for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, long triangle, Pearl River Delta and Sichuan.

According to the area, the government department is the most urgent, education, medical and health, energy chemical and other industries. At the same time, the future demand changes in the compliance requirement have attracted the focus of the market entity.

"The promulgation implementation of the key information infrastructure security regulations will bring unprecedented opportunities to the industry." Chen Xinshuo, Chairman of An Tian Technology Group Co., Ltd., saw that comprehensive improvement of key information infrastructure safety protection level, escorting national economic digital transformation It will be one of the key points of the next phase of the national level, which reflects systemic depth rigid demand. Replenishing the short board, promoting the high quality development network security industry in the network security industry is the important support and foundation of our national network security, and continues to make a strong sense and value. Experts pointed out that my country’s network security industry presents a large market space, fast development, and strong corporate vitality. There is also short boards such as low industrial base, insufficient technological innovation, etc., especially supply chain and core technology The problem of neck is urgently needsed. "Supply Chain Security is the life door of critical information infrastructure protection." Wei Wei, director of the China Network Security Review Technology and Certification Center, said that in order to control key information basic supply chain security risks, the country has successively introduced relevant systems, and continuous improvement of security system.

Wei Wei suggested that the technical and certification perspective: vigorously promote network key equipment and network security special product safety testing certification; explore network security service certification system for key information infrastructure; strengthen key information infrastructure supply chain safety management and supervision check Strengthen network security review efforts, expand the coverage of important industries; promote the safety assessment of party and government organs and key information infrastructure cloud services.

"We must enhance your sense of worries!" For the former director of the Department of Public Security, Gu Jianguo suggested that it is necessary to focus on the strategy of national network strong country, strengthen basic research, build a new network security industry development, promote innovative main body "unveiling", focus on Batch "card neck" technology. [National Network Security Promotion Week Series Report].