To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

  2021, Jieyang City police go all the benefits to risk prevention, safety, protection and stability, grasping team, promote the rule of law, excellent service, the human resources for the "benefit to the development and cultural benefits to the beautiful benefits, the benefits to peace red Hui to "build escort.

  Public Security benefits to adhere to the people-centered, carry out a comprehensive "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, deepen the" tube dress put "reform, optimize the launch of the business environment twenty innovative measures. The household matters of public security service five major categories of service issues new 23 sub-service online check, implementation of the "postal police cooperation" to implement simple traffic accident handling procedures, enhance the people’s sense of obtaining, happiness and satisfaction.

  To maintain social stability, public security benefits to adhere to the open road, combine punishment and severely crack down on crime, strong regulation prominent law and order problem, fully squeeze the criminal space. This year, the decline in benefits to the county police criminal police intelligence% year on year, down 31% year on year fraud police intelligence, now Robbery case detection rate of 100%. To "off card" act as the starting point, to strengthen the fight against the chain, the implementation of early warning to discourage, strengthen personnel management and control, to carry out diverse publicity, public security benefits to adhere to the people’s life and property security responsibility fully started the fight against fraud telecommunications network management crucial battle .

  Public Security benefits to adhere to strict management of social security, with emphasis on road traffic regulation order and public security issues highlight two specific remediation work.

Has organized four times a big investigation of campus security big campaigns to carry out multi-rounds "Days of Action", "anti-drug, anti-counterfeiting tobacco, anti-fraud electricity" special combat action. At the same time carry out armed night patrols, improve road see alarm rate, the rate steward. To create a national anti-drug environment, the benefits to the police insist on punishing drug crime a high pressure situation, efforts to consolidate the benefits to drug-related treatment effect, start drug Demonstration City, law enforcement combat, clearing inventory, under the ruthless control aspects of aid, education, etc. effort to increase public awareness poison, Judu, anti-virus awareness and ability.

  Benefits to police the implementation of all-weather big data verification mechanisms, real-time landing verification involving plague data, timely organization of nucleic acid samples and classification of the implementation of control measures to maintain vaccination point order at the scene, the guardian of the people’s lives and health, when healthy gatekeeper good people, erected a steel wall to combat the epidemic of people of the county. To enhance the purity of the team, firmness, benefits to police adhere to the "education and rectification + History learn" two-way force, focusing loyalty clean and play to the revolutionary spirit of self-rule with an iron fist resolutely fight the police, is the wind Su Ji battle, comprehensive and strict Police rule, focus on forging "four iron-clad" iron Army of Public Security.