The vivid textbook of "four history" education

The vivid textbook of "four history" education

A hundred collection of micro-recorders "100-year search" that were jointly filmed by the Chinese People’s Republic of China History Society and other units. It is a gift to the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China. It is a real record of the Chinese Communist Party of the 100-year brilliant history and glorious history. It is a student of party history, new China history, reform and opening history, socialist development history "four history" education . Real, vividly record this micro-recorded version of the micro-recorded version of the Chinese Communist Party of China to reflect Marxism in China’s communication, to record the end of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, but not only covers 100 years of the Communist Party of China History, and extended back to the Chinese Communist Party, with a complete reflection of the struggle of the Communist Party of China, great performance, and glorious history. From the perspective, people can see that for the Chinese people, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists. It is the main point of the Chinese Communist Party always insisted and unchanged. It is the main shaft, main line of the Chinese Communist Party. And the main adjustment; the idea of ??emancipating, seeking truth from facts, is a thoughts of the Chinese Communist Party, and he has always been in reality from China, closely combined with his own practice; relying on the masses, fully launches the masses, is China The strength of the Communist Party is sourced and overcomes all enemies, overcoming all difficult magic weapons.

This film uses a historical fact and a vivid picture indicates that only the Chinese Communist Party can save China; only the Chinese Communist Party can achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation; the Chinese Communist Party is the end of China’s modern Chinese tragic destiny, change , Is the founder of New China, People, China, and Red China. It is the founder of China’s new system, the new society, and the new order. It is the opening of Chinese history and is a practitioner of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The main melody running through this documentary is: Communist Party, the Communist Party is good, the Communist Party is great, glorious, and correct party.

I saw this documentary and enhanced people to understand, trust and love, and support the Chinese Communist Party.

Real, vividly recorded the top 25 episodes of this documentary for more than 70 years of history, is the history of the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party for establishing new China, what is the "refining" of New China; then 75 episodes have been To comprehensively build a well-off society, it is the history of the Chinese Communist Party leaders to build a new country. It is actually a history of new China. It is written in New China. Some major systems that are reflected, such as the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system leading the Communist Party of China, the people’s congress system, the national regional autonomous system, etc., is the unprecedented system in China. It reflects some major construction achievements, such as the first five-year plan implementation, two playing a star, Beidou network, dragon deep, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge, aircraft carrier construction, high-speed rail opening, digital China and network strong country construction, etc. Have a history of Chinese history, especially the full victory of poverty, and rewrite human history. Some major historical events it recorded, such as land reform, three major transformations, family contract responsibility systems, etc., have innovative significance in China’s thousands of years.

New China’s 70 years of development, is China’s weak to strong and strong history. It is the history of the development of the industrial society from the agricultural society to the industrial society, then to the information society, and the history of intelligence society.

New China’s economic and social development speed, all aspects improve the extension, the breadth of China and the world, is not only unprecedented in China, but also has a profound impact in the history of the world.

Real, vividly recorded the history of China’s reform and opening up for more than 40 years of history, with 50 sets of space, talked about the history of the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the 11th National Committee, truly recorded China’s reform and opening up. Various major decisions, major changes, major innovation, showing major economic and social development achievements in reform and opening up. This lasted more than 40 years of high-speed development achievements, pushing China’s new development steps, but also pushed into the center of the world, but also made the Western strong countries that have always arrived.

This greatly improved the national confidence of the Chinese. This makes us see that the reform and opening up is the key to developing China. It is the only way to revitalize and national rejuvenation. Today, when people go back to this year’s achievements, it will be more determined and adhered to the confidence of reform and opening up policies. Regardless of the international wind, however, no matter how the enemy inside and outside, we must adhere to the reform and opening up.

Real, vividly record the history of socialism in China’s 100-year dissemination history and the history of the Chinese Communist Party, and the history and development history of socialism in China.

Because the Chinese Communist Party is the goal of socialism and communism, he is constantly spreading and practicing socialism in China from the establishment. In more than 70 years of comprehensive ruling, the party has established a socialist system in China; In a new stage of development, China’s theoretical theory of socialism, and use its development results, to the world: socialism, socialism, socialism is more superior to capitalism; only socialism can develop China. This TV, not only can people see socialism in China’s 100-year history and development history, but also make people more firm to socialist confidence.

From the four aspects of the above party history, new Chinese history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, this TV documentary is not exactly the vivid textbook of "four history" education? (The 12th National CPPCC member, the original minister of the Central Archives, the former Director of the National Archives Bureau, the former Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party of China).