Rizhao City is an isolation point child emergency purchase 1800 down jacket

Rizhao City is an isolation point child emergency purchase 1800 down jacket

Original title: Rizhao City is an emergency purchased 1800 pieces of children in the isolation point. On the afternoon of November 4, the Rizhao City Information Office held a press conference to communicate the latest progress of the epidemic prevention and control.

The Wulian County Party Committee coordinates the deputy head of the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation leading group, and Chen Changyong, the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and the deputy magistrate. In terms of material security, the Rizhao City will cool the weather in the upcoming cold wave, and the heating situation of all districts and functional districts Structure, the isolation point requiring the heating conditions should be heated in time, can not be heated, timely release of warm goods such as cotton coats, for the warm problems of the isolation point children, emergency purchase of 1800 down jackets, and finally distributed before November 5.

Do a good job in the daily life materials for residents, and 6 commercial reserves in accordance with the standards that can meet the 2-day life demand in Wulian County, which has been supplied with rice grain and oil.

Passing 50 firefighters to commercial super participation in loading and unloading, packaging, distribution, etc.

6 kinds of vegetables such as cabbage and radish purchased from the residents, and the government subsidized by the government according to 20%. At present, all kinds of materials supply is sufficient and the price is stable. (Zou Hui Qiu) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.