Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

On November 6, 2021, during the 4th China International Import Expo, BYD was awarded the first SGS commitment carbon in China and met the statement. Zhao Zhanping, General Manager of BYD Group, Zengshui, General Manager of BYD Group, Dr. Hao Jinyu, President of SGS China, SGS Knowledge and Management Services Group, Guo Shi, Guo Shi, SGS Shanghai General Manager, Qi Qi, etc. Attended the ceremony.

SGS is an internationally recognized test, inspection and certification body. It is also a greenhouse gas verification institution and the first batch of energy management system certification agencies in China. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and meticulous certificate, marking BYD The efforts made in carbon in carbon during 2021 were recognized by international authority third-party institutions. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promise in China and the declaration certificate BYD Group Quality Department General Manager Zhao Zaoping said: in the context of carbon Dhamea, 2060, 2060 carbon neutrics policy, BYD actively responded, fully played in the new energy field Unique advantages, launching photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicles, cloud tracks and clouds, etc., the realization of dual carbon objectives is also constantly excavating the company’s own energy conservation and emission reduction potential, and strives to make a benchmaker enterprise with green manufacturing. In August this year, BYD took the lead in building the first zero carbon park headquarters in China Automobile Brand.

BYD has also solemnly promised that the first corporate headquarters zero-carbon park goal is created, and the industry energy-saving and emission reduction will be completed. Pingshan BYD Industrial Park, three-dimensional intelligent green transportation system, BYD has always adhered to address social problems, with technological innovation as driven, actively participating in the green action of the earth, and has taken a lot of climate change in the global climate change. Action and active efforts.

Just on November 1, 2021, the 26th United Nations Climate Change (COP26) opened in Scotland Glasgow in the UK.

BYDADLENVIRO400EV Pure Electric Double-Layer Bus as a COP26 World Leader Summit During the first end of October 2021, BYD’s accumulated sales of more than 1.3 million vehicles, reducing carbon dioxide over 8.47 million tons, equivalent to planting trees; BYD photovoltaic Cumulative shipments have also exceed 10GW.

BYD’s green action has won a series of praises from the Future Energy Award, United Nations Energy Special Award and "Wealth" magazine to change the world. Extended reading: BYD carbon, awarded action, on January 22, 2003, BYD acquired Qinchuan Auto officially entered the automotive industry, and the target battery technology plus automotive technology, creating electric vehicle technology, using electric vehicle technology to make the earth becomes the earth Blue to achieve human green dreams.

In 2008, BYD completed the strategic layout from energy from energy to the application, got rid of fossil energy-dependent strategic layout, including solar energy, energy storage power stations, various electric vehicles, etc., to help humans achieve green production through innovative technology and new energy products ,lifestyle. In 2010, BYD released the urban bus electricity strategy and solution, followed by China’s national strategy. Local time September 23, 2014 question.

At the time of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invitation, Chairman and President Wang Chifu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., as the only invited automobile business representative, attended the summit and delivered a speech. Wang Chuanfu pointed out that urban bus electricization is the best way to rapidly improve urban air quality, and the world will usher in the transportation revolution of urban bus electricization.

At the meeting, Wang Chuanfu called on States to introduce electric vehicles into a broader urban transportation field, and predicted that in the near future, photovoltaic power generation and new energy vehicles will become the top priority in the world.