Shougang North District, the construction of the Southeast District This year, the basic work of the South District is all completed.

Shougang North District, the construction of the Southeast District This year, the basic work of the South District is all completed.

People’s Daily Online December 7 (Reporter Mensus) On December 6, the 13th Congress of Shijingshan District, China was held. The meeting proposes that in the next five years, the whole district will implement urban update actions in the whole district. It is based on the construction of the new Shougang high-end industry comprehensive service area, comprehensively completes the planning and construction of new Shougang North District and Southeast District, leading to the overall revival of Shijingshan, improve urban integrated load capacity. To build a new era capital city revival new landmark. This year, finished the first-steel North District, the basic work of the development of the southeastern region in Southeast China, all completed in 2019, Beijing released "Accelerate the development and construction of new Shougang high-end industrial service area to build a new era Capital City Renaissance New Landmark Action Plan (2019 2021) "(hereinafter referred to as action plan), strive to establish a new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new Shougang, high-end industrial service area.

The new Shougang high-end industry integrated service area is located on both sides of the West Extension of Chang’an Street. On the basis of the development of the main steel relocation, the total area of ??the high-end industrial service area that supports the development of enterprises, the total area is square. The action plan will build a new landmark of the city and the Winter Olympics, the Old Industrial Zone is organically updated, the green high-end development is closely combined, adheres to the development of the reduction, strict controlling construction scale and population scale, promoting green intelligent new technology, cultivating innovation and development new movement Mining the new connotation of cultural development, strive to achieve multi-constraints, and the cultural revival, industrial revival, ecological revival, and vitality. According to the action plan, by 2021, Beijing will take the service guarantee Winter Olympics as an opportunity, high quality to complete the construction task of Shougang North District, Southeast District, and strive to complete the basic work of the South District, drive regional environment, major infrastructure The urban function has been fully improved, and the construction of new landmarks in urban renewal is achieved.

By 2035, strive to build a new era city with global exemplary significance.

In addition, according to the action plan, a batch of landmark projects such as Xinshi Steel Bridge, Liuhui Shui, Winter Olympics, and the first Green Energy Port, the implementation of the city weaving innovation workshop, international talent community and other projects, release 580,000 square meters industry carrier space .

Building an international industrial ecology, focus on "technology +" "sports +", successfully held a service conference, China Science Fiction Assembly, etc. Built into the city’s first sports product public bonded warehouse, the "Beijing Sports Industry Demonstration Base", the development of new Shougang realized the gorgeous turn from the traditional heavy industry to the green high-end city.

The transformation of the new Shougang high-end industrial comprehensive service area has driven "Jingxi 8th National Factory", Li Ru Song, deputy director of the Xijian Office of Xijing Mountain Area, Beijing, in accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development plan, "in the development plan", in promoting planning In terms of construction, the planning construction of the North District is basically completed, and the main steel skiing platform is supported, and the Winter Olympus, the new Shougang International Talent Community, the urban weaving creative workshop, the Shougang Industrial Site Park and other major projects; Southeast China Planning and Construction Basic Completed, 28 plots are listed, the residential project and the supporting are all built; the South District is in accordance with the "two-zone" space pattern, adheres to the trick, adheres to the infrastructure; fully launch the planning and construction of the first steel park, first special Green Energy Port Science and Technology Center No. 15, No. 16 land project completed, 1610 block launched development and construction.

In the first steel characteristic cultural, the first steel industrial cultural card, strengthen the protection of the main steel industrial style, and actively promote the extensive use of the first steel industry, and vigorously develop the Shougang Industrial Tourism.

Creating innovation and Winter Olympics, actively holding ice and snow activities, and carry out "300 million people participate in the ice and snow movement".

In the construction of modern industrial structure, stronger "sports +" industry, vigorously develop sports business services, actively cultivate e-sports industry, develop and grow sports consumption services, and do a good job in business operations in Winter Olympics.

Cultivate the "Technology +" industry, be a strong science fiction industry, do the intelligent industry, and do excellent intelligent manufacturing services. In terms of agglomerate high-end innovation elements, build new channels to expand foreign cooperation and vigorously develop the exhibition industry.

Building an international talent community, creating a "class overseas" environment adapted to international talent work and living, promoting major projects, innovating international talent support policies. Strengthen science and technology financial support, accelerate high quality financial resources agglomeration, innovate scientific financial services, and build regional science and technology financial services platforms.

Build an innovative application scenario, speed up new infrastructure construction, build a new scenario in wisdom. To create a development environment, the regional business environment is optimized, establish a comprehensive government service "one-stop" service center, optimize the key enterprise butler service, build a building service team system. Strengthen the integrated supporting service, improve the supporting of public services, and do a good job in life. In promoting regional synergy, promote urban garden integration development, promoting municipal public facilities to transfer, strengthen regional synergy, with first steel as leading, driving "Jingxi 8th National Factory".