Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Promotional event site. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel Xinhuanet Guiyang October 30 (Zhouyuan Steel) October 28th to October 31st, Guiyang Yunyan District launched "advocating green life refused plastic pollution – I chose my action" publicity activities, All major shopping malls, farm markets, wholesale markets, etc., with short video, publicity data distribution, street interaction, etc. Atmosphere. "I went out, I have a bag, save money and environmentally friendly.

"Volunteers who participated in the promotional activities are the large four students of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the publicity point of the Yunyan District Daxingpo Comprehensive Wholesale Center, she and my classmates, actively promote environmental protection knowledge to the past, promote the use of degradable Plastic bag. "For yourself, it has been practical and exercise, and the environmental publicity promotion of the city. "Promoting the scene.

Xinhuanet Zhouyuan Steel Photograph "My home is always paying attention to environmental protection, buy food is my own shopping bags and reuse, the waste items are counted, and the garbage is reduced.

Zhu Chao, who lives in Yunling Town, Yunyan District, said, hoping with everyone, making things that can make things, making the city more clean and hygiene. It is understood that the event is the joint special action in Yunyan District to strengthen plastics pollution governance Part.

Since this year, the Yunyan District Committee Propaganda Department, the District Compilation Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau, etc. And disposal system, to promote the policies and knowledge of plastic pollution control to the public and tourists in the scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, etc. Volunteers promote environmental knowledge to the public. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel This year, Yunyan District has taken the lead in some areas, some areas, and restricts the production, sales and use of some plastic products. Next, Yunyan District will actively promote recyclable, easy recyclable, degradable alternative products, by increasing green products supply, continuously carrying special rectification of plastic garbage, and fully promote plastics pollution control.

  According to the requirements, by 2022, the consumption of disposable plastic products in Yunyan District will be significantly reduced, and the replacement product is promoted, and the proportion of resource-based energy utilization of plastic waste is greatly improved.

By 2025, the management system of plastic products production, circulation, consumption and recycling disposal of Yunyan District is basically established, and the multi-governmental system is basically formed, and plastic pollution is effectively controlled. .