Urgent Jiangsu Qidong: Children are willing to read a kindergarten foreign worker parents to pick up

Urgent Jiangsu Qidong: Children are willing to read a kindergarten foreign worker parents to pick up

Han Hui (left) couple and a pair of children and the coastal kindergarten garden leader, the teacher is together. Since the opening of the autumn, the reporter of the People’s Daily News is convenient to transfer a pair of children in the Kuo Children in Jiangsu Qidong City.

"My son is on the small class, my daughter is on the same kindergarten.

"On the afternoon of October 14, Wang Xiaoduo and Hand Han Hui told the People’s Network reporter. When they first started, they were committed," the daughter reads the Haiyun kindergarten, and the son will study the coastal kindergarten. There are approximately 8 kilometers away from the two parks. Transfer is a big Trouble ". In March this year, this young Henan husband and wife just transferred to Qidong to workers from Shanghai. Han Hui is a factory’s electric welder. Wang Xiaodu is a company’s packager, Han Hui work, picking up children The task is handed over to his wife. In fact, when I first went to the East, Han Hui intended to send her daughter to the Binhai Kindergarten, but because the garden full of people failed, she had to send her daughter to the far-reaching Haiyun Kindergarten Han Hui said that during the summer vacation, their son’s small class registration, shake the number to the coastal kindergarten close to the residence. However, in the morning, two children who are not together, riding electric vehicles, come back to a small time, "Long this past, Either the child is late, or if you love people to work late. Don’t be tired, if you encounter bad weather, there is road safety hazard.

"In order to alleviate the burden on the child to pick up the child, Han Hui reflects the situation of the" Leader Message Board "of the People’s Network to the Secretary of the East Municipal Party Committee. Minsheng is not small.

Let Han Hui didn’t think of it, on September 2nd, at 2:07 pm, at 4:30 pm, Qidong City Letters and Calls will call to understand the appeal, and the first time will be exchanged to the Qidong Education Sports Bureau. .

Subsequently, Binhai Kindergarten Garden Long Huang Imin gave Han Hui called Han Hui, informing the procedure for entering the park and needs. On the second day of the message, Han Hui’s problem was successfully solved. On the morning of the 4th, he was ready to enter the park. "The learning party’s history is to solve the practical difficulties of the masses to hope, from the education department to kindergarten to the kindergarten pay great attention to this problem, and there must be a human feelings other than the system.

"Huang Tiemin said that the coastal kindergarten office is 10 years. From the beginning of the first two three classes to the current 12 classes, it is because the local economy is constantly prosperous to attract a large number of migrant workers. For fairness, it is improving the enrollment. Huang Tin Min said, as long as If you have a free degree or adjustment, you must first give the family convenience to the actual difficult family. She said that the 70% of the Binhai Kindergarten is a children of migrant workers, and it is busy to work. "We adopted humanized measures, parents In the morning, you can send your child at 6:30. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you can extend your child at 6:30. "After this, Han Hui feels feeling:" My grandfather is an old party member, before and we often talk about the party And the governments of the government. If we are present in his homes, we have felt the local government, and all levels of departments have resolved the actual action of the mass problems. They did not take us outsiders.

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