"Let the villagers live better" (new observation of cadres, comprehensive promotion of rural residence)

"Let the villagers live better" (new observation of cadres, comprehensive promotion of rural residence)

After these days, after a few a spring rain, Tanaka Village, Chengnan Town, Jiacheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province. But seeing the construction projects such as the village widen the road, repairing the slope, and the village revitalization instructor in the village is very warm. Two years ago, the Ningde Municipal Committee of the Political and Legal Committee of the Ningde Municipal Committee left the organ and returned to the country to re-"entrepreneurship." After organizing recommendations, selected, Ma Zhongsheng and other 27 cadres of the cadres, with the identity of the rural revitalization instructors to work in various rural areas. In the past two years, Ningde City selected 388 cadres from the city and county, and served as a rural revitalization instructors, planning, solving problems, and promoting development. Painting a picture "Do you can do it, it is still in the village."

"To develop, still have to pull one!" Liu Yanhan, secretary of the party branch of Tianzhong Village.

At the same time, Ma Zhongsheng is also considering that in the organization for many years, I want to go to the country’s first-line business entrepreneurship, where is the right opportunity? Two years ago, Ningde City launched a rural revitalization instructive system, in accordance with the principle of "personal registration, organizational recommendation, two-way choice, and preferred", calling on cadres who are interested in rural revitalization, and leave their original position but retain sequential treatment, to the village revitalization The pilot village, the industry is weak village, and the revolutionary old district is served as a village revitalization instructor.

In the "competition", there were 800 cadres in the city to participate in the city, Ma Zhongsheng is one. In October in October, Ma Zhongsheng came to Tianzhong Village. He visited the village with the village cadres and wanted to see what everyone had, and there was no change in the village. The villagers feedback: "These years, the days have been good, but there is no casual place" "Road is still not good, not good for many years" … After the basic situation, Ma Zhongsheng said: "Tianzhong Village is not Poor, it is not rich.

The village is missing, lacking road, but the most lacking is a planning map, there is planning to have a development direction.

Encourse infrastructure and develop the village industry to make the villagers live better.

"Next, the village opened the villager conference, the village branch opened the party meeting, putting the recommendations, to find the demand, a" village account "into Ma Zhongsheng’s heart.

With this account, Ma Zhongsheng turned many times, and finally found the provincial planning and design institutions to develop the development plan of Tianzhong Village.

Village road, field road, and village road have fine design. In the past two years, the changes have taken place in some efforts: a mile-away-than-kilometer Walkway opened, huancun cement road paved, leisure square, lake and other beautiful rural construction projects … Looking at the idea to become a reality, horse Loyalty is very happy: "Although I am ‘foreign aid, the villagers don’t take me as an out.

Can work hard, or the village is working together. "We choose some experienced cadres to go to the country, and develop some real things to the village. The cadres of the organs with the cadres of the village cooperate with each other, learn from each other, and the cadres will exercise their ability in rural revitalization and improve the quality.

Guo Xuebin, member of the Standing Committee of Ningde Municipal Committee, and Minister of Organization, said.

Do a good job "The head is turned around, thinking about how to develop the industry" Talk about the industrial development in the village, and Zheng Yuexi, the Secretary of the Party Branch of Xiafu Village, Xia Baishi Town, Fu’an City, is attributed to "Busy Man Chen Sister". Chen Sister, named Chen Ruiping, is the cadre of Ningde City Finance Bureau, and two years ago came to the village.

Lower Village is the interior of the company, and the villagers have saved the sea to maintain daily life, but increasing the lack of corresponding industries.

"The head turned around all day, thinking about how to develop industries." Chen Ruiping recalls, "The burden on the shoulder is very heavy.

"There is no project, there is no fund, Chen Ruiping multi-party contact," I am in the work of running. "When I work in the Finance Bureau, I often review the project, I’m approved by the fund; go to the village, become a project, find funds. The working role is converted.

Chen Ruiping said with a smile.

Under the efforts of Chen Ruiping, the undergun village has obtained the infrastructure construction funds, special funds, related construction began speeds: new village cultural square, set the party; the flat stone gallery, connected to the village four-sided eight parties … Most Let Chen Ruiping Pride, the construction of village-level plastic fishing rows – anti-wind and waves, intensification, and rental to villagers, both for villagers’ costs and increase income for village collectives.

Also from the cadres of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Yang Shide, became a rock orange planting expert in the past few years.

When Yang Shide was lost, Yang Shide was lost in Yantian Township Township, Xiapu County: Because of the young people, the village is drained, and the risks of soil erosion. Nothing, there is a problem, how to crack? "The economic fruit tree is a good way, can govern, and also benefit." Yang Shide made an idea. "Nothing, can you grow?" Many villagers worried that there was no technology, and they were not willing to participate. Yang Shide is not a agricultural expert, and it is a little drum in his heart. He invited the experts from the Provincial Agricultural Sciences to investigate the land, select the variety, do a good job, and teach everyone to plant everyone. With technical support, more than 100 acres of waters have been developed, 9,000 rose orange trees are here. In the past two years, the fruit trees can hang this year, and each villager will increase by more than 20,000 yuan.

"If Old Yang is not coming, we have such an idea, even if there is, it is impossible to implement it." Zhong Yong, secretary of the Party branch of the Erpoucun Village. When a good instructor understands "What", know "how to do" spread the Jinbei Village map of Jin Hanxi Township in Jiaohua City, Ningde City Forestry Bureau, clear: "In the future, Jinbei Village still should take the cultural culture The golden signboard, playing in the home and bource, cultural facilities, attracting more tourists. "Interchange, the phone ringtones, Lu Qiu have to interrupt.

After a while, she returned with a smile: "Asking me next Hall Village, how can I win a village revitalization instructors to their village!" These days, Lu Qiu often received such a call.

At present, Ningde City is based on the first batch of pilots in the municipal level. Three batch selection 71 school-level cadres to the village service, promoted the 317 county-level rural revitalization instructors to sink the countryside, do 306 Industrial Weak Village Selected Rural Revitalization Instructor’s full coverage.

"Selecting the unauthorization of cadres, the first-line assessment is also really grid, we have established a complete set of evaluation system, give the ‘guideliner’ accurately, let them understand ‘dry", know how to do’. "Ningde City Party Secretary Guo Xiwen Say. "Ningde City Country Revitalization Instructive Management Service Measures (Trial)" clearly, the village revitalization instructor must rely on the cadres of the village, work well from the industrial development, ecological and livable rural, rural governance, etc.

In terms of evaluation, Ningde City will manage, assess the rural resolution instructions to the county and township, and the annual assessment is unqualified and will be adjusted.

Clearing the responsibility, the assessment reward is no vague.

Ningde included the "Rural Revitalization Guide" into the first-line inspection object, established a list of demoluble, appreciation of the annual task of appraisal, and the assessment results as an important indicator of the level promotion. "Under the supervision of the assessment baton, everyone is more powerful.

"The village revitalization instructors of Lingtou Village, Nishi Town, Jiacheng District, said the cadres of the Municipal Emergency Administration.