"Put the service" reform

"Put the service" reform

"I used to see a doctor in Qingpu. I have to go back to Jiashan. I will run it. I will run it. I can freely, I can freely, I’m directly switched, and Ms. Yang, Ms. Yang, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, told reporters that she lived with her daughter after retiring Shanghai Qingpu District, due to high blood pressure, several hospitals must run every month.

In August 2020, Shanghai Qingpu District, Jiaxing County, Jiaxing City, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, realized the medical insurance one card and upgrade, the masses did not have to make a decision to do it directly to settle directly.

In addition, through "Internet + Medical Insurance", the insured who live, work, and referral treatment in the Yangtze River Delta region will share more quality medical resources.

Under the support of the medical information service platform and "one network pass" platform, the information barrier can be opened, and the long-range medical insurance public service is more balanced, accurate, and the masses really enjoy the people’s livelihood bonus brought by integrated development.

As people’s flow increase, "cross-provincial unite" is more and more welcome.

In Ningxia, I saw that the "cross-provincial" work has been carried out, Yinchuan City actively diverted the national cities, Mining cooperation cities, etc., has now signed a cooperation agreement with 54 cities, and established an inter-city across province. ""Circle of friends". By setting 14 "cross-provincial uniteral" designs in the city, the number of "cross-provincial unite" business submitted by the company is responsible for accepting the enterprise and the masses. According to reports, Yinchuan City "cross-provincial" window is based on the business belong to the business, providing identity and verification, original comparison, receipt, and sending services such as sending services. For complex businesses, staff members communicate through communication, such as telephone or remote videos. In addition to the window "collection agent", the local "full network" model is used to realize 158 government service issues such as medical insurance settlement, pension, and enterprises, "cross-provincial universities", 2021 have nearly 10,000 pieces.

It is normal to prove that it is a key to the productivity, competitiveness, and "venting service" reform to create a productive, competitiveness, and "venting service" reform is the key to optimizing the business environment.

New open coffee shops may need to get 4 licenses, new open pharmacies sometimes need to do 5 licenses … These need to be cumbersome and approval procedures, run multiple licenses, once, let the company headache .

However, the reporter found in the Shanghai Changning District, where the 11 industries here can already enjoy the "one industry and one certificate" reform dividend, realize the "one certificate", helping the enterprise "high-efficiency opening". The Changning District government staff introduced that as an example of opening a hotel, it was previously involved in 5 approval filings, and the departments were approved separately, and the issues of complicated, multiple runs, etc. In this regard, Changning District has been reform through "one industry and one certificate", and the "one network" platform is implemented, and the "one industry and one certificate" intelligent guidance, a table application, the automatic distribution of the background system material, all business approval departments online Synchronize, synchronous review. All departments are jointly reviewed for the required site verification. Offline Administrative Service Center "One Industry One Certificate Four" window accepts, unified issuance, realize the online online co-service, enterprise office ", one network, one window, only run once, run once," The Changning District Government Office reviews the Science General Jian Jian, through the "One Industry and One Certificate" reform, and a number of approval matters in an industry into a "industry comprehensive license", promoting approval management services to supply the government department, Steering the market main demand, the cost of industry access is greatly reduced, and the convenience of doing things is greatly improved.

The reporter found in the interviews around the world, and many places have created a better rule of controlling business environment as the entry point of services to ensure economic and social development. Enterprises have become more and more strong. For example, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, in the process of building a "uncorriting city" process, "unculate it is normal, to prove the exception", currently clean up 1272 issues. Not only that, Jiaxing is also committed to the commitment to replace the commitment, the administrative license, administrative confirmation, and administrative payment and other matters have fully informed the commitment system, providing a priority, lack of acceptors, and speeding up the service. The dispute triggered by a small catering license accelerates the transformation of government functions to deepen the "venting service" reform. It must face "difficult" and "insurance", accurately analyze "pain points" and "difficult", and break the fence. Accelerate the transformation of government functions, and promote reforms to vigorously advance.

The reporter interviewed this "problem" in the Lianhu District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. In May 2019, the Lianhu District Market Supervision Bureau needs to make a punishment of the permit to the administrative relative person when handling the case of a small food service license. However, for this penalty, who should be made, but it is difficult to fill the local administrative organ.

It turned out that when the Lake District was promoted to establish an examination and approval bureau, Lianhu District, uniformly authorized the District-level administrative licensing matters, which included a small food service license responsible by the District Market Supervision Bureau.

The market supervision department believes that in accordance with the "Shaanxi Food Cuisor Square Catering and Drainage Management Regulations" should be revoked by the original certification department; the approval bureau believes that although they are responsible for the issuance of relative centralized permissions, It has only administrative permissions without administrative penalties, so there is no right to revoke a small drink license.

According to reports, in the past, everyone is used to "who is approved for who is responsible", but there is a problem that the regulatory authorities and the issuing department have been separated. Now, how should I clarify the Administrative Approval Service Bureau and the Rights of the Supervision Function? Although a controversy caused by a small catering license is a case, the administrative law enforcement dispute behind it is universal.

In order to prevent other licenses from revoking law enforcement issues and then trapped "out ofhibition", Lianhu District reported this issue to the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress and requests interpretation. Soon, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress has responded that the relevant administrative departments shall not affect the relevant administrative departments to regulate and punish the relevant administrative departments. The reform problem is solved. Accelerate the construction of digital government, we must open "Data Lone Island" in all sectors, but this is also the "hard bones" of block reform.

To this end, 2020 Yinchuan City has fully implemented the "one seal data" reform.

By integrating management of various departments, data unified calls and electronic materials are realized to meet the specific needs of different application scenarios, and the modified data is unified by the approval bureau to form a special electronic signature, and share data changes It has become an effective job material, and the materials that need to be submitted in a comprehensive and reduced the mass needs. "This kind of reform method, solves the problem of department sharing data that cannot be converted into an effective service, the electronic material has a high penetration rate, truly implement the ‘data running’ to the operable level, fully realize the ‘zero material’, let The masses have the same convenience as shopping online. "The director of the Yinchuan City Approval Service Administration said.

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