Just June! Shandong concentratedly issued 107 million yuan Wenli Huimin Consumer Consumer Course

Just June! Shandong concentratedly issued 107 million yuan Wenli Huimin Consumer Consumer Course

Original title: Just June! Shandong concentratedly issued 100 million yuan Wenli Huimin Consumer Consumer Consumer Voucher on the morning of June 2nd. The sixth Shandong Cultural and Tourism Huimin Consumption Season launching ceremony Jinan’s main venue was held in Jinan · Quan World in Jinan City.

In the fifth consumption season of 2021, the issuance of Wenyou Huimin Consumer Conduct 100 million yuan directly drove consumption 100 million yuan, indirectly driving consumption 100 million yuan, and established consumers to obtain affordable, cultural tourism enterprises expand markets, e -commerce platforms and finance Institutions expand the mutual benefit and benefit of cultural tourism business, and a win -win mechanism for promoting cultural tourism consumption. It is reported that compared with the previous consumption season, the subsidy of this consumption season is more powerful.

In June, the provincial, city, and county -level finance issued a total of 100 million yuan in cultural travel Huimin, concentrated in the fields of cultural and creative products, tourist attractions and lines, literary performances, star hotels and homestays. Focusing on the four consumer segments of "cultural creativity, leisure tourism, boutique performing arts, digital cultural tourism", focusing on the seven major topics, focusing on building top ten activities, combining "online+offline" and "special+area" to build "4+ 7+10 "Activity framework, organize more than 2,000 theme activities. The consumption method is more convenient. Relying on the "Good Guest Shandong · Yunyou Qilu" smart cultural tourism platform to provide one -stop and intelligent services; financial assistance is more effective, establish a high -quality development linkage mechanism for financial support for the cultural tourism industry, and further strengthen the help of enterprises. During the launching activity, Jinan City introduced the sixth Jinan Cultural and Tourism Consumption Season. Many consumer season participated in the video speech. The IP image of Shandong Cultural and Tourism benefits the people’s consumer season, the sixth Shandong Culture and Tourism benefit of the people’s consumption season for the top ten cultural tourism consumption theme activities.

Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the People’s Bank of China Jinan Branch, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Shandong Banking Regulatory Bureau, and Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau jointly launched a linkage mechanism for the high -quality development of the cultural tourism industry in Shandong Province The relevant person in charge of the Jinan Cultural and Tourism Bureau and Lai Shang Bank unveiled the Jinan Cultural Bank.

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