Urgent Jiangsu Qidong: Children are willing to read a kindergarten foreign worker parents to pick up

Urgent Jiangsu Qidong: Children are willing to read a kindergarten foreign worker parents to pick up

Han Hui (left) couple and a pair of children and the coastal kindergarten garden leader, the teacher is together. Since the opening of the autumn, the reporter of the People’s Daily News is convenient to transfer a pair of children in the Kuo Children in Jiangsu Qidong City.

"My son is on the small class, my daughter is on the same kindergarten.

"On the afternoon of October 14, Wang Xiaoduo and Hand Han Hui told the People’s Network reporter. When they first started, they were committed," the daughter reads the Haiyun kindergarten, and the son will study the coastal kindergarten. There are approximately 8 kilometers away from the two parks. Transfer is a big Trouble ". In March this year, this young Henan husband and wife just transferred to Qidong to workers from Shanghai. Han Hui is a factory’s electric welder. Wang Xiaodu is a company’s packager, Han Hui work, picking up children The task is handed over to his wife. In fact, when I first went to the East, Han Hui intended to send her daughter to the Binhai Kindergarten, but because the garden full of people failed, she had to send her daughter to the far-reaching Haiyun Kindergarten Han Hui said that during the summer vacation, their son’s small class registration, shake the number to the coastal kindergarten close to the residence. However, in the morning, two children who are not together, riding electric vehicles, come back to a small time, "Long this past, Either the child is late, or if you love people to work late. Don’t be tired, if you encounter bad weather, there is road safety hazard.

"In order to alleviate the burden on the child to pick up the child, Han Hui reflects the situation of the" Leader Message Board "of the People’s Network to the Secretary of the East Municipal Party Committee. Minsheng is not small.

Let Han Hui didn’t think of it, on September 2nd, at 2:07 pm, at 4:30 pm, Qidong City Letters and Calls will call to understand the appeal, and the first time will be exchanged to the Qidong Education Sports Bureau. .

Subsequently, Binhai Kindergarten Garden Long Huang Imin gave Han Hui called Han Hui, informing the procedure for entering the park and needs. On the second day of the message, Han Hui’s problem was successfully solved. On the morning of the 4th, he was ready to enter the park. "The learning party’s history is to solve the practical difficulties of the masses to hope, from the education department to kindergarten to the kindergarten pay great attention to this problem, and there must be a human feelings other than the system.

"Huang Tiemin said that the coastal kindergarten office is 10 years. From the beginning of the first two three classes to the current 12 classes, it is because the local economy is constantly prosperous to attract a large number of migrant workers. For fairness, it is improving the enrollment. Huang Tin Min said, as long as If you have a free degree or adjustment, you must first give the family convenience to the actual difficult family. She said that the 70% of the Binhai Kindergarten is a children of migrant workers, and it is busy to work. "We adopted humanized measures, parents In the morning, you can send your child at 6:30. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you can extend your child at 6:30. "After this, Han Hui feels feeling:" My grandfather is an old party member, before and we often talk about the party And the governments of the government. If we are present in his homes, we have felt the local government, and all levels of departments have resolved the actual action of the mass problems. They did not take us outsiders.

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The 8 million Jiefang card trucks independently developed in my country

The 8 million Jiefang card trucks independently developed in my country

  Xinhua News Agency, on July 13 (Reporter Zhang Jian, Jiang Mingming) On 13th, a liberation of "liberation smart power domain" offshore production lines in Changchun City, Jilin Province, which marked 8 million independent research and development in my country. A liberated truck officially offline.

On July 13th, the 8th million Jiefang trucks were held in a FAW liberation in Jilin Changchun. Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, from 1 to 8 million, liberated trucks to use the seven-generation cars, witnessed that the Chinese automotive industry has never been there, from weak to strong.

According to statistics, in the first half of this year, FAW liberation production 267770 vehicles, a year-on-year growth of 3,39,230 units, a year-on-year growth. This is the 8th million Jolibutist trucks just off the production line (photographs on July 13).

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, Chairman Zhang Nan, and Hu Hanjie, the party secretary Hu Hanjie, said that FAW liberation is in the best development stage in history, ushered in the best development opportunities in history.

Future, FAW Liberation will firmly develop the road to develop, open cooperation, and strive to create China’s first hundred years of automobile brands. On July 13th, the 8th million Jiefang trucks were held in a FAW liberation in Jilin Changchun.

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan Photo, July 13, 1956, the first domestic liberated car drove off the wiring, ending the history of New China can’t make a car. From the date of birth, the footsteps of the liberated car independent innovation have never stopped, and the first prize of national scientific and technological progress has been obtained. This is the 8th million Jolibutist trucks just off the production line (photographs on July 13). Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, July 13, participating in the guests of the offline ceremony and the 8th million liberated trucks took a group photo.

Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, July 13, participating in the guests of the offline ceremony and the 8th million liberated trucks took a group photo. Xinhua News Agency, Zhu Nan, editor: Xu Wenhui.

Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Promotional event site. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel Xinhuanet Guiyang October 30 (Zhouyuan Steel) October 28th to October 31st, Guiyang Yunyan District launched "advocating green life refused plastic pollution – I chose my action" publicity activities, All major shopping malls, farm markets, wholesale markets, etc., with short video, publicity data distribution, street interaction, etc. Atmosphere. "I went out, I have a bag, save money and environmentally friendly.

"Volunteers who participated in the promotional activities are the large four students of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the publicity point of the Yunyan District Daxingpo Comprehensive Wholesale Center, she and my classmates, actively promote environmental protection knowledge to the past, promote the use of degradable Plastic bag. "For yourself, it has been practical and exercise, and the environmental publicity promotion of the city. "Promoting the scene.

Xinhuanet Zhouyuan Steel Photograph "My home is always paying attention to environmental protection, buy food is my own shopping bags and reuse, the waste items are counted, and the garbage is reduced.

Zhu Chao, who lives in Yunling Town, Yunyan District, said, hoping with everyone, making things that can make things, making the city more clean and hygiene. It is understood that the event is the joint special action in Yunyan District to strengthen plastics pollution governance Part.

Since this year, the Yunyan District Committee Propaganda Department, the District Compilation Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau, etc. And disposal system, to promote the policies and knowledge of plastic pollution control to the public and tourists in the scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, etc. Volunteers promote environmental knowledge to the public. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel This year, Yunyan District has taken the lead in some areas, some areas, and restricts the production, sales and use of some plastic products. Next, Yunyan District will actively promote recyclable, easy recyclable, degradable alternative products, by increasing green products supply, continuously carrying special rectification of plastic garbage, and fully promote plastics pollution control.

  According to the requirements, by 2022, the consumption of disposable plastic products in Yunyan District will be significantly reduced, and the replacement product is promoted, and the proportion of resource-based energy utilization of plastic waste is greatly improved.

By 2025, the management system of plastic products production, circulation, consumption and recycling disposal of Yunyan District is basically established, and the multi-governmental system is basically formed, and plastic pollution is effectively controlled. .

Shougang North District, the construction of the Southeast District This year, the basic work of the South District is all completed.

Shougang North District, the construction of the Southeast District This year, the basic work of the South District is all completed.

People’s Daily Online December 7 (Reporter Mensus) On December 6, the 13th Congress of Shijingshan District, China was held. The meeting proposes that in the next five years, the whole district will implement urban update actions in the whole district. It is based on the construction of the new Shougang high-end industry comprehensive service area, comprehensively completes the planning and construction of new Shougang North District and Southeast District, leading to the overall revival of Shijingshan, improve urban integrated load capacity. To build a new era capital city revival new landmark. This year, finished the first-steel North District, the basic work of the development of the southeastern region in Southeast China, all completed in 2019, Beijing released "Accelerate the development and construction of new Shougang high-end industrial service area to build a new era Capital City Renaissance New Landmark Action Plan (2019 2021) "(hereinafter referred to as action plan), strive to establish a new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new era of new Shougang, high-end industrial service area.

The new Shougang high-end industry integrated service area is located on both sides of the West Extension of Chang’an Street. On the basis of the development of the main steel relocation, the total area of ??the high-end industrial service area that supports the development of enterprises, the total area is square. The action plan will build a new landmark of the city and the Winter Olympics, the Old Industrial Zone is organically updated, the green high-end development is closely combined, adheres to the development of the reduction, strict controlling construction scale and population scale, promoting green intelligent new technology, cultivating innovation and development new movement Mining the new connotation of cultural development, strive to achieve multi-constraints, and the cultural revival, industrial revival, ecological revival, and vitality. According to the action plan, by 2021, Beijing will take the service guarantee Winter Olympics as an opportunity, high quality to complete the construction task of Shougang North District, Southeast District, and strive to complete the basic work of the South District, drive regional environment, major infrastructure The urban function has been fully improved, and the construction of new landmarks in urban renewal is achieved.

By 2035, strive to build a new era city with global exemplary significance.

In addition, according to the action plan, a batch of landmark projects such as Xinshi Steel Bridge, Liuhui Shui, Winter Olympics, and the first Green Energy Port, the implementation of the city weaving innovation workshop, international talent community and other projects, release 580,000 square meters industry carrier space .

Building an international industrial ecology, focus on "technology +" "sports +", successfully held a service conference, China Science Fiction Assembly, etc. Built into the city’s first sports product public bonded warehouse, the "Beijing Sports Industry Demonstration Base", the development of new Shougang realized the gorgeous turn from the traditional heavy industry to the green high-end city.

The transformation of the new Shougang high-end industrial comprehensive service area has driven "Jingxi 8th National Factory", Li Ru Song, deputy director of the Xijian Office of Xijing Mountain Area, Beijing, in accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development plan, "in the development plan", in promoting planning In terms of construction, the planning construction of the North District is basically completed, and the main steel skiing platform is supported, and the Winter Olympus, the new Shougang International Talent Community, the urban weaving creative workshop, the Shougang Industrial Site Park and other major projects; Southeast China Planning and Construction Basic Completed, 28 plots are listed, the residential project and the supporting are all built; the South District is in accordance with the "two-zone" space pattern, adheres to the trick, adheres to the infrastructure; fully launch the planning and construction of the first steel park, first special Green Energy Port Science and Technology Center No. 15, No. 16 land project completed, 1610 block launched development and construction.

In the first steel characteristic cultural, the first steel industrial cultural card, strengthen the protection of the main steel industrial style, and actively promote the extensive use of the first steel industry, and vigorously develop the Shougang Industrial Tourism.

Creating innovation and Winter Olympics, actively holding ice and snow activities, and carry out "300 million people participate in the ice and snow movement".

In the construction of modern industrial structure, stronger "sports +" industry, vigorously develop sports business services, actively cultivate e-sports industry, develop and grow sports consumption services, and do a good job in business operations in Winter Olympics.

Cultivate the "Technology +" industry, be a strong science fiction industry, do the intelligent industry, and do excellent intelligent manufacturing services. In terms of agglomerate high-end innovation elements, build new channels to expand foreign cooperation and vigorously develop the exhibition industry.

Building an international talent community, creating a "class overseas" environment adapted to international talent work and living, promoting major projects, innovating international talent support policies. Strengthen science and technology financial support, accelerate high quality financial resources agglomeration, innovate scientific financial services, and build regional science and technology financial services platforms.

Build an innovative application scenario, speed up new infrastructure construction, build a new scenario in wisdom. To create a development environment, the regional business environment is optimized, establish a comprehensive government service "one-stop" service center, optimize the key enterprise butler service, build a building service team system. Strengthen the integrated supporting service, improve the supporting of public services, and do a good job in life. In promoting regional synergy, promote urban garden integration development, promoting municipal public facilities to transfer, strengthen regional synergy, with first steel as leading, driving "Jingxi 8th National Factory".

Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

On November 6, 2021, during the 4th China International Import Expo, BYD was awarded the first SGS commitment carbon in China and met the statement. Zhao Zhanping, General Manager of BYD Group, Zengshui, General Manager of BYD Group, Dr. Hao Jinyu, President of SGS China, SGS Knowledge and Management Services Group, Guo Shi, Guo Shi, SGS Shanghai General Manager, Qi Qi, etc. Attended the ceremony.

SGS is an internationally recognized test, inspection and certification body. It is also a greenhouse gas verification institution and the first batch of energy management system certification agencies in China. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and meticulous certificate, marking BYD The efforts made in carbon in carbon during 2021 were recognized by international authority third-party institutions. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promise in China and the declaration certificate BYD Group Quality Department General Manager Zhao Zaoping said: in the context of carbon Dhamea, 2060, 2060 carbon neutrics policy, BYD actively responded, fully played in the new energy field Unique advantages, launching photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicles, cloud tracks and clouds, etc., the realization of dual carbon objectives is also constantly excavating the company’s own energy conservation and emission reduction potential, and strives to make a benchmaker enterprise with green manufacturing. In August this year, BYD took the lead in building the first zero carbon park headquarters in China Automobile Brand.

BYD has also solemnly promised that the first corporate headquarters zero-carbon park goal is created, and the industry energy-saving and emission reduction will be completed. Pingshan BYD Industrial Park, three-dimensional intelligent green transportation system, BYD has always adhered to address social problems, with technological innovation as driven, actively participating in the green action of the earth, and has taken a lot of climate change in the global climate change. Action and active efforts.

Just on November 1, 2021, the 26th United Nations Climate Change (COP26) opened in Scotland Glasgow in the UK.

BYDADLENVIRO400EV Pure Electric Double-Layer Bus as a COP26 World Leader Summit During the first end of October 2021, BYD’s accumulated sales of more than 1.3 million vehicles, reducing carbon dioxide over 8.47 million tons, equivalent to planting trees; BYD photovoltaic Cumulative shipments have also exceed 10GW.

BYD’s green action has won a series of praises from the Future Energy Award, United Nations Energy Special Award and "Wealth" magazine to change the world. Extended reading: BYD carbon, awarded action, on January 22, 2003, BYD acquired Qinchuan Auto officially entered the automotive industry, and the target battery technology plus automotive technology, creating electric vehicle technology, using electric vehicle technology to make the earth becomes the earth Blue to achieve human green dreams.

In 2008, BYD completed the strategic layout from energy from energy to the application, got rid of fossil energy-dependent strategic layout, including solar energy, energy storage power stations, various electric vehicles, etc., to help humans achieve green production through innovative technology and new energy products ,lifestyle. In 2010, BYD released the urban bus electricity strategy and solution, followed by China’s national strategy. Local time September 23, 2014 question.

At the time of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invitation, Chairman and President Wang Chifu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., as the only invited automobile business representative, attended the summit and delivered a speech. Wang Chuanfu pointed out that urban bus electricization is the best way to rapidly improve urban air quality, and the world will usher in the transportation revolution of urban bus electricization.

At the meeting, Wang Chuanfu called on States to introduce electric vehicles into a broader urban transportation field, and predicted that in the near future, photovoltaic power generation and new energy vehicles will become the top priority in the world.

Qiu County, Hebei Province: "Four Focus" has solidly promoted "I do practical things for the masses"

Qiu County, Hebei Province: "Four Focus" has solidly promoted "I do practical things for the masses"

Implement the city update project, steadily start the cinema, the original public security bureau, etc. Transportation is more than 1,200 parking spaces, effectively solving parking, parking difficult problems … Since the study of party history, Qiu County, Hebei Province, firmly establish "people-centered" concept, and do a good job in "four focus", truly Learning results into work motivation, the next truth, take hard measures, let the people really feel the new weather and new changes brought about by party history education. Focus on "Emancipating Thoughts" to the Wind Deepening Party History Learning Education, first solve the problem of party members and cadres’ ideas and mental states.

Qiu County Innovation Implementation "Wednesday Night" centralized learning system, in-depth "learning words first, dry words, real words as the topic", to let the majority of party members and cadres always adhere to the people-centered development Thought, with the problem deep into the first-line research, find the gap in the standard advanced area, and the high-quality development of the road is collected, to crack the bottleneck and promote high quality development.

Since the launch of the economic development of investment, the development of the economic development of the investment, the development of agricultural characteristics, 312, the resolution of the people’s livelihood improvement of the community property, infrastructure renovation, county management, etc. The transformation, the promotion of the ability, promoting the development of the county.

The first three quarters of Harbin City Planning doing manual added value up by 9.1%

The first three quarters of Harbin City Planning doing manual added value up by 9.1%

1–9 months, Harbin industrial economy continues to show steady growth, steady momentum to the good run.

The first three quarters of the city’s regulations on industrial output growth year on year%, higher than the growth rate of 2019 percent over the same period.

The first three quarters of the city regulation work every sector grew%, higher than the growth rate of 2019 percent over the same period, the growth rate in the past five years earlier highs.

Four key industries stimulating the enhanced role of regulation stage a positive added value are pulling four key industry gauge work every sector grew%, faster than the city’s value added percentage points. Among them, the equipment industry regulatory work every sector grew%, higher than the same period last year percentage points; food industry regulations work every sector grew%, higher than the same period last year percentage points; pharmaceutical industry regulation work every sector grew% higher than the same period last year percentage points; petrochemical industry regulation work every sector grew%, lower than the same period last year percentage points.

Ninety percent compliance work every major industries added value of positive growth, large-scale key enterprises pulling clear in the first three quarters of the city’s 38 major industries, 35 industries added value growth regulation start work to achieve growth, the larger the increase in key industries there are textiles and clothing, apparel industry grew%, non-ferrous metal mining industry grew%, other manufacturing grew%, non-metal mining industry grew%, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry increased by% ferrous metal mining industry grew%, chemical fiber manufacturing industry increased by%, the automotive industry YoY%, water production and supply industry increased by%, wood processing and wood, bamboo, cane, palm fiber and straw products industry year on year increase%.

The first three quarters, the city’s output value of 248 billion yuan (inclusive) growth of industrial enterprises, the total output value increased by%. The city’s 41 annual output value of 10 billion yuan (inclusive) industrial enterprises, the output value of the first three quarters increased by%. 17 districts and counties (cities) to achieve positive growth, enhance industrial supporting role in the first three quarters of county, city regulations each stage a sector grew%. There are five regional added value growth rate higher than the city, up to A city% year on year, an increase of% hang District, Xiangfang District YoY%, an increase of% cottage areas, integrated development zone Jiangbei YoY%.

The first three quarters, the county added value increased regulatory doing manual%.

A high growth rate county (city), the Mulan County YoY%, an increase of Bayan%, YoY% Yilan County, Founder county an increase of 21%, an increase of Yanshou%. Based on the analysis, the fourth quarter Harbin regulations on industry still faces downward pressure situation. City of Industry and Information Bureau will continue to promote supervision Mill package insurance, fixed the end of the sprint, encourage enterprises to achieve steady growth.

Strengthen the operation and monitoring of scheduling the industrial economy, careful analysis of the situation in industrial operation, accurate Shi policy.

Continue to foster mining enterprises above designated size.

At the same time, we continue to implement the national and provincial and municipal steady growth policies and measures to actively promote this year’s introduction of the "push Harbin manufacturing high-quality development to achieve a number of policy measures to speed up the strong city", to send the policy to the company, motivate and mobilize steady business growth and promoting positive development.

(Reporter Zhang Lixin) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Li Zhong double) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.

Qijiang County Alum Mineral Travel Project Investment Tripartite Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Qijiang County Alum Mineral Travel Project Investment Tripartite Signed a Cooperation Agreement

On November 10, the three parties of the Vanadium Foreign Travel Project Investment in Qijiang County, Hefei City officially signed a cooperation agreement. Lijiang County leaders Xuhua, Zhou Tianbin, Kong Bin, Chen Wei, Dong Bangyi and Hefei Industrial Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. The person in charge attended the signing ceremony. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the County Culture and Tourism Bureau and the County Culture and Tourism Bureau, the County Finance Bureau and other counties participated in the signing ceremony.

It is reported that the planned area of ??the Lijiang Alum Mineral Travel Project is about 8,000 mu, with a total investment of about 2.5 billion yuan, will rely on the rich resources of the alumm of industrial heritage, effectively protect the relics of industrial relics, logo markers, style, with historical vendors And the regional appearance is improved to core power, organically integrate industrial memory and ecological construction, let the industrial heritage have undertake the aesthetic mission of the context of the times, so that their functions and attributes turn to cultural tourism, realize ecological protection, alumine Activation, ancient town butterfly, rural revitalization, cultural landmarks, from the scenic spot to the scenic area, to achieve "travel +" multi-purpose integration development.

The newly signed cooperation agreement stipulates that the company has established Anhui Yoshan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the company’s registered capital is 500 million yuan. Among them, Hefei Industrial Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. invests billions of money, accounting for 70% of registered capital, and the rural Zhenxing Investment Co., Ltd., Lijiang County, China Rural River River, China, China, China, China, China Yiliu, Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. has funded 50 million yuan in money funds. The tripartite is responsible for the construction of the project. The post-run operation is dominated by Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. aims to develop the historical and culture of the cultural project through the cultural project, let the idle assets re-enhance the new machine and drive one economic development. (宣) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

Rizhao City is an isolation point child emergency purchase 1800 down jacket

Rizhao City is an isolation point child emergency purchase 1800 down jacket

Original title: Rizhao City is an emergency purchased 1800 pieces of children in the isolation point. On the afternoon of November 4, the Rizhao City Information Office held a press conference to communicate the latest progress of the epidemic prevention and control.

The Wulian County Party Committee coordinates the deputy head of the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation leading group, and Chen Changyong, the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, and the deputy magistrate. In terms of material security, the Rizhao City will cool the weather in the upcoming cold wave, and the heating situation of all districts and functional districts Structure, the isolation point requiring the heating conditions should be heated in time, can not be heated, timely release of warm goods such as cotton coats, for the warm problems of the isolation point children, emergency purchase of 1800 down jackets, and finally distributed before November 5.

Do a good job in the daily life materials for residents, and 6 commercial reserves in accordance with the standards that can meet the 2-day life demand in Wulian County, which has been supplied with rice grain and oil.

Passing 50 firefighters to commercial super participation in loading and unloading, packaging, distribution, etc.

6 kinds of vegetables such as cabbage and radish purchased from the residents, and the government subsidized by the government according to 20%. At present, all kinds of materials supply is sufficient and the price is stable. (Zou Hui Qiu) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The vivid textbook of "four history" education

The vivid textbook of "four history" education

A hundred collection of micro-recorders "100-year search" that were jointly filmed by the Chinese People’s Republic of China History Society and other units. It is a gift to the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China. It is a real record of the Chinese Communist Party of the 100-year brilliant history and glorious history. It is a student of party history, new China history, reform and opening history, socialist development history "four history" education . Real, vividly record this micro-recorded version of the micro-recorded version of the Chinese Communist Party of China to reflect Marxism in China’s communication, to record the end of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, but not only covers 100 years of the Communist Party of China History, and extended back to the Chinese Communist Party, with a complete reflection of the struggle of the Communist Party of China, great performance, and glorious history. From the perspective, people can see that for the Chinese people, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists. It is the main point of the Chinese Communist Party always insisted and unchanged. It is the main shaft, main line of the Chinese Communist Party. And the main adjustment; the idea of ??emancipating, seeking truth from facts, is a thoughts of the Chinese Communist Party, and he has always been in reality from China, closely combined with his own practice; relying on the masses, fully launches the masses, is China The strength of the Communist Party is sourced and overcomes all enemies, overcoming all difficult magic weapons.

This film uses a historical fact and a vivid picture indicates that only the Chinese Communist Party can save China; only the Chinese Communist Party can achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation; the Chinese Communist Party is the end of China’s modern Chinese tragic destiny, change , Is the founder of New China, People, China, and Red China. It is the founder of China’s new system, the new society, and the new order. It is the opening of Chinese history and is a practitioner of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

The main melody running through this documentary is: Communist Party, the Communist Party is good, the Communist Party is great, glorious, and correct party.

I saw this documentary and enhanced people to understand, trust and love, and support the Chinese Communist Party.

Real, vividly recorded the top 25 episodes of this documentary for more than 70 years of history, is the history of the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party for establishing new China, what is the "refining" of New China; then 75 episodes have been To comprehensively build a well-off society, it is the history of the Chinese Communist Party leaders to build a new country. It is actually a history of new China. It is written in New China. Some major systems that are reflected, such as the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system leading the Communist Party of China, the people’s congress system, the national regional autonomous system, etc., is the unprecedented system in China. It reflects some major construction achievements, such as the first five-year plan implementation, two playing a star, Beidou network, dragon deep, Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge, aircraft carrier construction, high-speed rail opening, digital China and network strong country construction, etc. Have a history of Chinese history, especially the full victory of poverty, and rewrite human history. Some major historical events it recorded, such as land reform, three major transformations, family contract responsibility systems, etc., have innovative significance in China’s thousands of years.

New China’s 70 years of development, is China’s weak to strong and strong history. It is the history of the development of the industrial society from the agricultural society to the industrial society, then to the information society, and the history of intelligence society.

New China’s economic and social development speed, all aspects improve the extension, the breadth of China and the world, is not only unprecedented in China, but also has a profound impact in the history of the world.

Real, vividly recorded the history of China’s reform and opening up for more than 40 years of history, with 50 sets of space, talked about the history of the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the 11th National Committee, truly recorded China’s reform and opening up. Various major decisions, major changes, major innovation, showing major economic and social development achievements in reform and opening up. This lasted more than 40 years of high-speed development achievements, pushing China’s new development steps, but also pushed into the center of the world, but also made the Western strong countries that have always arrived.

This greatly improved the national confidence of the Chinese. This makes us see that the reform and opening up is the key to developing China. It is the only way to revitalize and national rejuvenation. Today, when people go back to this year’s achievements, it will be more determined and adhered to the confidence of reform and opening up policies. Regardless of the international wind, however, no matter how the enemy inside and outside, we must adhere to the reform and opening up.

Real, vividly record the history of socialism in China’s 100-year dissemination history and the history of the Chinese Communist Party, and the history and development history of socialism in China.

Because the Chinese Communist Party is the goal of socialism and communism, he is constantly spreading and practicing socialism in China from the establishment. In more than 70 years of comprehensive ruling, the party has established a socialist system in China; In a new stage of development, China’s theoretical theory of socialism, and use its development results, to the world: socialism, socialism, socialism is more superior to capitalism; only socialism can develop China. This TV, not only can people see socialism in China’s 100-year history and development history, but also make people more firm to socialist confidence.

From the four aspects of the above party history, new Chinese history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, this TV documentary is not exactly the vivid textbook of "four history" education? (The 12th National CPPCC member, the original minister of the Central Archives, the former Director of the National Archives Bureau, the former Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party of China).