Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Refuse plastic pollution Guiyang Yunyan District invites you to be "environmentally friendly"

Promotional event site. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel Xinhuanet Guiyang October 30 (Zhouyuan Steel) October 28th to October 31st, Guiyang Yunyan District launched "advocating green life refused plastic pollution – I chose my action" publicity activities, All major shopping malls, farm markets, wholesale markets, etc., with short video, publicity data distribution, street interaction, etc. Atmosphere. "I went out, I have a bag, save money and environmentally friendly.

"Volunteers who participated in the promotional activities are the large four students of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the publicity point of the Yunyan District Daxingpo Comprehensive Wholesale Center, she and my classmates, actively promote environmental protection knowledge to the past, promote the use of degradable Plastic bag. "For yourself, it has been practical and exercise, and the environmental publicity promotion of the city. "Promoting the scene.

Xinhuanet Zhouyuan Steel Photograph "My home is always paying attention to environmental protection, buy food is my own shopping bags and reuse, the waste items are counted, and the garbage is reduced.

Zhu Chao, who lives in Yunling Town, Yunyan District, said, hoping with everyone, making things that can make things, making the city more clean and hygiene. It is understood that the event is the joint special action in Yunyan District to strengthen plastics pollution governance Part.

Since this year, the Yunyan District Committee Propaganda Department, the District Compilation Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau, etc. And disposal system, to promote the policies and knowledge of plastic pollution control to the public and tourists in the scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, etc. Volunteers promote environmental knowledge to the public. Xinhuanet Zhou Yuan Steel This year, Yunyan District has taken the lead in some areas, some areas, and restricts the production, sales and use of some plastic products. Next, Yunyan District will actively promote recyclable, easy recyclable, degradable alternative products, by increasing green products supply, continuously carrying special rectification of plastic garbage, and fully promote plastics pollution control.

  According to the requirements, by 2022, the consumption of disposable plastic products in Yunyan District will be significantly reduced, and the replacement product is promoted, and the proportion of resource-based energy utilization of plastic waste is greatly improved.

By 2025, the management system of plastic products production, circulation, consumption and recycling disposal of Yunyan District is basically established, and the multi-governmental system is basically formed, and plastic pollution is effectively controlled. .

Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

Reothermn "rolling soldiers"! BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and the declaration certificate

On November 6, 2021, during the 4th China International Import Expo, BYD was awarded the first SGS commitment carbon in China and met the statement. Zhao Zhanping, General Manager of BYD Group, Zengshui, General Manager of BYD Group, Dr. Hao Jinyu, President of SGS China, SGS Knowledge and Management Services Group, Guo Shi, Guo Shi, SGS Shanghai General Manager, Qi Qi, etc. Attended the ceremony.

SGS is an internationally recognized test, inspection and certification body. It is also a greenhouse gas verification institution and the first batch of energy management system certification agencies in China. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promised carbon in China and meticulous certificate, marking BYD The efforts made in carbon in carbon during 2021 were recognized by international authority third-party institutions. BYD has been awarded the first SGS promise in China and the declaration certificate BYD Group Quality Department General Manager Zhao Zaoping said: in the context of carbon Dhamea, 2060, 2060 carbon neutrics policy, BYD actively responded, fully played in the new energy field Unique advantages, launching photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicles, cloud tracks and clouds, etc., the realization of dual carbon objectives is also constantly excavating the company’s own energy conservation and emission reduction potential, and strives to make a benchmaker enterprise with green manufacturing. In August this year, BYD took the lead in building the first zero carbon park headquarters in China Automobile Brand.

BYD has also solemnly promised that the first corporate headquarters zero-carbon park goal is created, and the industry energy-saving and emission reduction will be completed. Pingshan BYD Industrial Park, three-dimensional intelligent green transportation system, BYD has always adhered to address social problems, with technological innovation as driven, actively participating in the green action of the earth, and has taken a lot of climate change in the global climate change. Action and active efforts.

Just on November 1, 2021, the 26th United Nations Climate Change (COP26) opened in Scotland Glasgow in the UK.

BYDADLENVIRO400EV Pure Electric Double-Layer Bus as a COP26 World Leader Summit During the first end of October 2021, BYD’s accumulated sales of more than 1.3 million vehicles, reducing carbon dioxide over 8.47 million tons, equivalent to planting trees; BYD photovoltaic Cumulative shipments have also exceed 10GW.

BYD’s green action has won a series of praises from the Future Energy Award, United Nations Energy Special Award and "Wealth" magazine to change the world. Extended reading: BYD carbon, awarded action, on January 22, 2003, BYD acquired Qinchuan Auto officially entered the automotive industry, and the target battery technology plus automotive technology, creating electric vehicle technology, using electric vehicle technology to make the earth becomes the earth Blue to achieve human green dreams.

In 2008, BYD completed the strategic layout from energy from energy to the application, got rid of fossil energy-dependent strategic layout, including solar energy, energy storage power stations, various electric vehicles, etc., to help humans achieve green production through innovative technology and new energy products ,lifestyle. In 2010, BYD released the urban bus electricity strategy and solution, followed by China’s national strategy. Local time September 23, 2014 question.

At the time of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invitation, Chairman and President Wang Chifu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., as the only invited automobile business representative, attended the summit and delivered a speech. Wang Chuanfu pointed out that urban bus electricization is the best way to rapidly improve urban air quality, and the world will usher in the transportation revolution of urban bus electricization.

At the meeting, Wang Chuanfu called on States to introduce electric vehicles into a broader urban transportation field, and predicted that in the near future, photovoltaic power generation and new energy vehicles will become the top priority in the world.

Qijiang County Alum Mineral Travel Project Investment Tripartite Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Qijiang County Alum Mineral Travel Project Investment Tripartite Signed a Cooperation Agreement

On November 10, the three parties of the Vanadium Foreign Travel Project Investment in Qijiang County, Hefei City officially signed a cooperation agreement. Lijiang County leaders Xuhua, Zhou Tianbin, Kong Bin, Chen Wei, Dong Bangyi and Hefei Industrial Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. The person in charge attended the signing ceremony. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the County Culture and Tourism Bureau and the County Culture and Tourism Bureau, the County Finance Bureau and other counties participated in the signing ceremony.

It is reported that the planned area of ??the Lijiang Alum Mineral Travel Project is about 8,000 mu, with a total investment of about 2.5 billion yuan, will rely on the rich resources of the alumm of industrial heritage, effectively protect the relics of industrial relics, logo markers, style, with historical vendors And the regional appearance is improved to core power, organically integrate industrial memory and ecological construction, let the industrial heritage have undertake the aesthetic mission of the context of the times, so that their functions and attributes turn to cultural tourism, realize ecological protection, alumine Activation, ancient town butterfly, rural revitalization, cultural landmarks, from the scenic spot to the scenic area, to achieve "travel +" multi-purpose integration development.

The newly signed cooperation agreement stipulates that the company has established Anhui Yoshan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the company’s registered capital is 500 million yuan. Among them, Hefei Industrial Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. invests billions of money, accounting for 70% of registered capital, and the rural Zhenxing Investment Co., Ltd., Lijiang County, China Rural River River, China, China, China, China, China Yiliu, Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. has funded 50 million yuan in money funds. The tripartite is responsible for the construction of the project. The post-run operation is dominated by Hefei Bin Lake Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. aims to develop the historical and culture of the cultural project through the cultural project, let the idle assets re-enhance the new machine and drive one economic development. (宣) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

Ten tweede is het lot van de studenten, de meest elementaire achtergrond van China.

Ten tweede is het lot van de studenten, de meest elementaire achtergrond van China.

Auteur: Gele LED-bron: Tencent Research Institute (ID: Cyberlawrc) In augustus 2020 publiceerde ik een "mijn twee student", die een onderwijzendingen is die ik langer dan een decennium heb geleerd.

Veel mensen vragen me: wat zijn de twee studenten? Wat is het verschil tussen de kinderen en belangrijke universiteiten? Sommige mensen zeggen dat de twee studenten zo moeilijk zijn, wat moet ik doen met specialisten? Wat doe je? Wat zijn die mensen die zijn afgestudeerd aan de middelbare school en zelfs vroeg uit de school vallen? In het licht van deze gevraagd en ondervraagd, heb ik het gevoel dat ik het niet heb geschreven door te schrijven, en de "twee studenten" deze enorme bevolking. Hoewel de studenten van mijn klaslokalen lopen tot 45.000 mensen, hoewel ik echt en ze veel tijd hebben, kan ik geen algemeen verhaal maken voor deze groep.

Dit boek wordt gezegd dat dit een samenvatting van de trainingservaring in het veld is. Het is beter om een ??privé-observatie op lange termijn van een eerstelijns te zeggen. Het heeft naakt mijn innerlijke verwarring, denken en hulpeloos. △ Geel licht, 2005, afgestudeerd aan het tweede college, de eerste keer dat de schoolleraar, de eerste keer leraar, het overnemen van een klasse, zijn geboortetijd is rond 1987; 2016, mijn tweede keer leraar, neem dan een andere klasse, dit kind over werd geboren in 1996.

Met andere woorden, ik ben getuige geweest van de groeiperiode van twee partijen jongeren na 90.

Achter de 01 grote stad is een dorp dat niet kan worden geaccrediteerd. Hoewel ik ook afgestudeerd ben van de school, moet ik eerst erkennen dat vanwege het intergenerationele verschil, ik een groep studenten heb die op het punt staan. Sommige vooringenomenheid.

Ik ben een Hunan, Guangdong is een grote plaats in mijn gedachten.

Voordat ik naar het podium gaat, heb ik altijd gedacht dat Guangdong’s kinderen, het grootste deel van het eten en de kleding, tot een openbare les op 23 mei 2006, deze indruk is veranderd. Op dezelfde dag gaf ik een "universitaire taal", vanwege de stijl van de tyfoon, liet ik de studenten een compositie schrijven met "wind", een meisje genaamd Deng Hua betaalt echt het huiswerk, van haar verhaal, ik zag een Familie van de waarheid: een familie van veel kinderen, het maandelijks inkomen van de ouders is minder dan duizend, ze komt van het platteland, en weet zelfs waar de levensduur van de volgende dag is.

Ze richtte zijn verwarring met de eenvoudigste taal, maar heeft een grote impact op mij veroorzaakt.

Ik heb me nog nooit gerealiseerd dat die studenten die meer tieners zijn, feitelijk lijden aan hetzelfde dilemma als mijn jeugd.

"Armoede" Dit woord, ik dacht dat het ver weg was van het dagelijks leven, maar ik had de kinderen om je heen niet verwacht, het was diep. De ontmoeting van deze klasse, niet alleen aangepast aan het perspectief van mijn latere leer, maar ook een verborgen kansen die ik zou willen verdere records maken en deze groep observeren.

Later leerde ik dat, hoewel de meeste van mijn studenten uit Guangdong komen, veel mensen tegenover dezelfde moeilijkheden van Deng Huayi staan. Ze komen uit het afgelegen dorp Guangdong, Guangdong, kunnen ook afkomstig zijn van wat meer armoede, verwarring. Klein stadje.

Voordat ik naar het platform gaat, heb ik altijd gedacht dat mijn studenten slechts twee universiteiten kunnen nemen, moeten zijn omdat ze niet ijverig zijn. Tot 2010 was ik in de klas in de Zhaoqing-campus. Liu Yanli van Gansu vertelde me over haar groeiervaring.

Ze is een Noordwest-kind. Van Junior High School, moet ze elke dag op meer dan een dozijn uur van hoge intensiteitsstudie aandringen, vooral op de middelbare school, maar ook ‘s avonds, ongeacht hoeveel problemen er zijn, ik zal de tanden., dring erop om te leren, alleen dit is ze in staat om school te geven. De zogenaamde "balansmodus" is eigenlijk een effectief magisch wapen van veel landkinderen.

Vergelijkbare ervaring, ik heb het gehoord in andere kinderen. Een student genaamd Chen Xue, van Chaozhou, vertelde ze me om de middelbare school te lezen, om meer te leren, ik zal een paar minuten een paar minuten hebben om mijn haar te wassen. Ik ga altijd naar het klaslokaal. Een andere student Luo Yi Peng is van MEI County. Hij haalde rechtstreeks de "Wanjin-olie" uit die het al in de klas had gezien, waarbij hij zijn middelbare schoolleven informeert, het hangt af van dit soort opwinding, het kan met succes worden besteed.

Ik heb ook gemerkt dat mijn studenten veel mensen hebben gedaan uit sommige gewone gezinnen, en ze hadden de familie achter hen.

Het is ook vanwege je ouders, ze staan ??voor een plattelandssluiting en relatieve verwachting van familieleden, vaak in schaamte. Elke keer, is Yuan Hao, die thuiskwam van Yuan, altijd in het dorp, en als ze kunnen worden toegewezen, weten ze niet dat nu studenten autonoom zijn; van Taishan Luo Chao, ik dacht dat ik ben afgestudeerd aan de universiteit Taishan University. Ik kan een huis in Guangzhou kopen, achtereenvolgens weet ze nooit hoe serieus de situatie is, en er is geen directe perceptie van de huisvestingsprijzen van Guangzhou. Ze is altijd verbleven in de jaren 80 als ze jong is. Twee kinderen praten met mij, ze kunnen alleen hun hoofden raken. Hoewel ze naar de stad kwamen omdat ze naar de stad kwamen, dragen ze nog steeds een dorp dat niet van kwijt zou raken. 02.

To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

  2021, Jieyang City police go all the benefits to risk prevention, safety, protection and stability, grasping team, promote the rule of law, excellent service, the human resources for the "benefit to the development and cultural benefits to the beautiful benefits, the benefits to peace red Hui to "build escort.

  Public Security benefits to adhere to the people-centered, carry out a comprehensive "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, deepen the" tube dress put "reform, optimize the launch of the business environment twenty innovative measures. The household matters of public security service five major categories of service issues new 23 sub-service online check, implementation of the "postal police cooperation" to implement simple traffic accident handling procedures, enhance the people’s sense of obtaining, happiness and satisfaction.

  To maintain social stability, public security benefits to adhere to the open road, combine punishment and severely crack down on crime, strong regulation prominent law and order problem, fully squeeze the criminal space. This year, the decline in benefits to the county police criminal police intelligence% year on year, down 31% year on year fraud police intelligence, now Robbery case detection rate of 100%. To "off card" act as the starting point, to strengthen the fight against the chain, the implementation of early warning to discourage, strengthen personnel management and control, to carry out diverse publicity, public security benefits to adhere to the people’s life and property security responsibility fully started the fight against fraud telecommunications network management crucial battle .

  Public Security benefits to adhere to strict management of social security, with emphasis on road traffic regulation order and public security issues highlight two specific remediation work.

Has organized four times a big investigation of campus security big campaigns to carry out multi-rounds "Days of Action", "anti-drug, anti-counterfeiting tobacco, anti-fraud electricity" special combat action. At the same time carry out armed night patrols, improve road see alarm rate, the rate steward. To create a national anti-drug environment, the benefits to the police insist on punishing drug crime a high pressure situation, efforts to consolidate the benefits to drug-related treatment effect, start drug Demonstration City, law enforcement combat, clearing inventory, under the ruthless control aspects of aid, education, etc. effort to increase public awareness poison, Judu, anti-virus awareness and ability.

  Benefits to police the implementation of all-weather big data verification mechanisms, real-time landing verification involving plague data, timely organization of nucleic acid samples and classification of the implementation of control measures to maintain vaccination point order at the scene, the guardian of the people’s lives and health, when healthy gatekeeper good people, erected a steel wall to combat the epidemic of people of the county. To enhance the purity of the team, firmness, benefits to police adhere to the "education and rectification + History learn" two-way force, focusing loyalty clean and play to the revolutionary spirit of self-rule with an iron fist resolutely fight the police, is the wind Su Ji battle, comprehensive and strict Police rule, focus on forging "four iron-clad" iron Army of Public Security.

Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

  On November 29th, Taizhou Housing Service Work Promotion Association and "Turning Stomach" reform pilot site will be held in Jiaojiang in Taizhou.

The reporter learned from the meeting that there are 369 housing service agencies in Taizhou, with a total main setting, a thousand people, the coverage rate of township has reached 55%, and 10 of the county-level infant care service guidance center. 11 training bases effectively meet the homage needs of family housing.

  Since the launch of housing services in Zhejiang in March 2019, the highlight of Taizhou housing service has been in front of Zhejiang.

Taizhou’s Jiaojiang, Wenhai, Tiantai, and Xianju 5 land successfully jointly declarested the first batch of pilot cities of the National Development and Reform Commission’s "City Enterprise Association Increased Puhetic Housing Authority", won the central government funds 14.6 million yuan; Wenling Rural Areas Children’s early development projects have become a national pilot; Jiaojiang has a national unique county city representative at the national Pu Huiji Hillow Service Symposium, Wenling is a typical statement at the Zhejiang Housing Service Workshop; Taizhou Road Bridge, Wenling Housing service work is affirmed by the deputy governor of Yue Chong. At the same time, Jiayang made a pilot experience introduced that the three units of Taizhou Luqiao, Yuhuan and Xianju shared practical experience. After the meeting, the reporter visited Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center and the street infant care service guidance center. In the Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center located in Baiyun Street in Jiaojiang, more than 60 children, divided into three classes, under the guidance of the teacher, carry out various activities such as finger rhythm, free games.

Wang Junbo, the head of Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow, introduced that the center received an infant child 2 to 3 years old, and the curriculum is based on the game class, cultivating the child’s behavior habits, and the development of exercise movement. It is also carefully set in the recipes. Eat healthier. According to reports, the housing center is a public housing agency in the first community service model in Jiaojiang District. In October This year, Ming and Yayuan Hillow were rated as four-star housing institution, and the only four-star housing institution in Jiaojiang. In October this year, the Baby Child care service guidance center in the first street community level of Jiaojiang was established at the Shu Street Community Health Service Center. Dad Huang Xiaodong said that every time I came to the guidance center, I can learn some parenting knowledge. The health department is the leading department of housing services.

The relevant person in charge of Taizhou Weijian sector said that the next step to deepen the integrated reform of "one thing" in the housing service field, and actively build three "one thing" application "" Scenes, with digital means to better meet more home homage needs. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The ancient masks, this is a mask

The ancient masks, this is a mask

  According to Taiwan’s "Mid Electronic News" reported on July 31, Jinmen was used in solving water problems, and has been used after the mainland Jinjiang, and has been used after the project is completed. The water-saving project will be held in Golden Gate on August 5, and the mains of the Taiwan authorities suddenly appeared on July 27, "suggested" will be delayed.

  The postponment of the land committee is "the timing is not appropriate".

The direct background is recent East Asian Youth Games in Taichung City to be canceled, and the Ministry of Protection is attributed to the "pressing" of the mainland. This unexpected obstruction and girrging of the Taiwan authorities, triggered the strong dissatisfaction between the local people and Taiwan’s public opinion, and the commentary, "the ancient masks, this is a mask." The obstruction of the "timing is not appropriate" quadruple, and the Taiwan Senior Media Tang Xianglong directly questioned "what". He said that the Golden Gate people have not agreed with Taiwan, especially the DPP. Have you ever thought that the Ministry of Public Advanced Party did? Tang Xianglong believes that Jinmen people are not just water, the feelings of Golden Gate and the opposite shore are not just political performances, they are solid, and they are a family life for thousands of years. Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, emphasized: "There is no water, Golden Gate’s policy and basic construction will be stuck; the water problem does not solve, and the development of Jinmen is empty.

"In order to solve the problem of golden gates, the mainland has been proposed in the 1990s to promote water to Jinmen in Fujian Province. Until June 2013, the ninth talk of the leaders of the two sessions of the sides of the strait will actively promote the introduction of Jinmen from the mainland.

In July 2015, Fujian officially signed the contract of Jinmen Water Supply Project.

Plus water from Quanzhou Jinjiang Jinji to Longhu Reservoir, pumping water through the pumping pump station to the front of the sea point, and then sent to Jinmen by the seabed pipe. Nowadays, the dust is finally settled, but the authorities have elicited moths. Tang Xianglong said, "Today, the reason is based on politics, don’t let me see, low-key, have you in touch with you, have this truth?" Questioning, "Emmers" Golden Gateman is drinking mainland, but it is not allowed to thank, it is a wretched order. The Jindian County Government issued a press release on the evening of July 27, and the call for the Welfare Administration, and the consent ceremony was held at the original time. Taiwan’s mains said that because the mainland "repeatedly suppressed", the Golden Gate county government "is heavy", but the water time can be performed according to the original plan.

  Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, insists that the ceremony can cooperate with the Idea of ??the World, and to obtain the agreement and understanding of the mainland.

He is looking forward to communicating with the land, letting the Gate from the mainland’s water porcells.

  Taiwan’s "United Daily" analysis said that the Ministry of Protent Party can "counter" continent, and at the same time, it will be canceled by it as a "leading activities". The Democrepreneurship of the People’s Republic of China will postpone the ceremony to fight the "pungement". It can be not mentioned that the East Asian Olympics will hold the East Asian Youth Games. Direct Guide is the People’s Political Forces and "" Taiwan independence "" "The" Tokyo Olympic Games Rehabilitation "claims to participate in the Tokyo Olympics with" Taiwan "rather than" China Taipei ".

Nowadays, I have requested the provision of the golden gateway, but this big incident of Jinmen people’s livelihood has been planned, how can I say that turning my face is like a play? Chen Yuzhen, Jinmen County, said that this is a case where the Ministry of Democratic Party is gaining from the outside of the country.

She called on the authorities, this kind of thing should not be done again, and every time I have seriously hurt the emotions of the Taiwanese people.

The ancient age has a story that is covered with a hidden thing in this world. Blame, ridiculous, and more sad. Innotable "United Daily" article believes that if Jinshen County does not listen to the land committee, the DPP may not approve the mainland officials to Golden Gate.

Because anyway, the two sides have been substantially water, as long as the water is ineffective, the activities of the drums do seems to be possible. However, Golden Gate has special contacts with the mainland. If the two sides of the hostility have risen, the last suffering is still the people of the Golden Gate. Chen Fuhai responded to the incident on July 29, it has been expressed, will be held as usual. However, the land committee still claims on July 30th, the current "timing is not suitable", hoping the Golden Gate County Government delayed the ceremony.

Moreover, the main committee says that the activity can be called a "ventilation ceremony" in the case of the Taiwan authorities, the mainland, and Jinmen County tripartite. The Golden Government of Jinmen County was subsequently discussed that August 5th event was finalized as "Golden Menmaster witnessed the continental water purification ceremony", and did not use the original "Water Ceremony" name. Taiwan’s "China Times" believes that delaying the ceremony but hopes to use the water, the United States is in line with the interests and social views of the island. It is true that the authorities cannot solve the demand for water in Golden Gate, must rely on the mainland. However, it is still not willing to continue to show two strait cooperation at this time. He has to take this policy, completely reflect the inconsistent and unrealistic, "even in order to implement the ideology, do not hesitate to make a victim, and pay attention style".

  The Kuomintang "Relief Committee" Zeng Mingzong said that the DPP should have the weight of the people’s livelihood, and there should be more smarter practices on both sides of the strait. Do not protest, counter-system, and fall into a vicious circle. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.

The 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award" selection activities will be launched in April 2021

The 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award" selection activities will be launched in April 2021

The 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award" selection activities will be launched in April 2021: 2021-03-1714: 02 Wednesday Source: Rule of Law Daily full media reporter Xu Weihou Jian Bin reporter learned from the Rule of Law of the Law of China today The 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award" selection will be officially launched in April 2021. According to the regulations, administrative organs, including the central government functional departments, local people’s governments and their functional departments; other national organs, including local people and their standings, local supervisory committees, local people’s courts, local people Level People’s Procuratorate; Legal and Regulations Authorized organizations can participate in the declaration, the declaration deadline is July 15, 2021. It is understood that the "China Rule of Law Government Award" is the first establishment of the academic institutions, based on the scientific selection criteria and the public selection procedures to promote administrative organs and related departments in accordance with the law administration and construction of the rule of law. Measures for evaluating awards. The "China Rule of Law Government Award" set up the initial selection and final selection of the awards for the awards. The "China Rule of Law Government Award" Organizing Committee is responsible for establishing a premiere expert library and final assembly expert library.

The selection expert was extracted from the organizing committee from the first review expert database and the final assembly expert library.

The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the China Rule of Law Government Award is located in the Rule of Law Government of China University of Political Science and Law, which is responsible for accepting the selection of project declaration, organizing review, field verification.

Since 2010, the "China Rule of Law Government Award" has been organized for five reviews. The 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award" declaration period is July 15, 2021, 2021. The selection criteria for the "China Rule of Law Government Award" include innovative degrees, scientific value, promotion and rule of law. The reward objects are important value creation in the declaration objects in promoting administrative administration according to law, building a rule of law government, has a significant social benefit, and has a system, initiative, a system, initiative, award, a government, an initiative. When the declaration time is deadline, the project must be implemented in the full year.

"Rule of Law Daily", the legal network will continue to be the media support unit of the 6th "China Rule of Law Government Award", in further promotion of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society, continue to promote the construction of the government to build new results and play its Leading the role of demonstration.

The "The 6th" China Rule of Law Government Award "Declaration Announcement" is detailed in the legal network, and the application form attachment can be downloaded in the legal network.

Accessories Editor: Zhang Xiaolun.

Taiyuan will normalize the illegal tricycle

Taiyuan will normalize the illegal tricycle

  Original title: illegal road not only must be fined, but also may be temporarily buckled that Taiyuan will be on the road. Everyone can often see the tricycle through the streets.

However, some tricycle drivers are a bit "taste", illegal manned, over-limited load, retrograde, and red light, illegal modification, etc., it is really dangerous.

However, in the future, the three-wheeled car can no longer be "decided", and the illegal road will not only fines, but the vehicles may be temporarily buckled.

On February 21, the Taiyuan Municipal General Reform Traffic Police Brigade picked up the typical illegal activities of the recent investigation of tricycles.

The traffic police department said that the rectification of illegal tricycles will normalize.

  Riding a tricycle on the road to these behaviors February 15, an electric tricycle passed by Xiyun Street to Qingyun Street and Dhangli Road intersection, the signal light has already lit up red light, but the driver chooses directly Light pass. When the vehicle is driving to the middle of the intersection, it is not expected to "unexpectedly" with a normal motor vehicle.

The tricycle driver discovered that the motor vehicle immediately left to the left, but due to the speed of the speed, the tricycle side turned, the driver was therefore injured. On February 17th, a squadron police, a squadron, was patrolled along the jurisdiction of Qingyun Street, and found that the lattice of the unlicensed three-wheeled car in a driving is full, and the police on duty immediately intercepted it.

When the routine examination, the police learned that the passengers on the car were a corporate working personnel, and the driver was thinking of running tricycles to earn a living fee, and I didn’t realize that the tricycle is a dangerous behavior. After the system query, it is confirmed that the driver drives the unlicensed tricycle on the road.

According to the relevant regulations, the police deducted their vehicles to the parking lot, and the corresponding penalties were punished, and the vehicle body sprayed "strictly prohibited manned people", requiring the vehicle driver to sign a commitment. On February 9, the Six Shuangzhongtang police in the General Improvement Traffic Police Brigade found a express tricycle to reverse it, and the roof is still placed, there is a great safety hazard. The police immediately stopped the tricycle safely and punished it accordingly, requiring uninstalling excess goods, contacting others to carry out, and eliminating road traffic safety hazards.

  On February 7th, the four-squadron four-squadron police in the jurisdiction tried to check the hidden dangers in the jurisdiction, and found a unlicensed three-wheeled agricultural vehicle quickly driving on the road. The police saw that the vehicle security intercepted the roadside to check.

When the police found that the car did not register, when the driver’s document was viewed, the driver’s push said that the driver’s license and the driving license were forgotten.

However, after the verification, the police found that the driver did not obtain a driver’s license, and the vehicle did not register information. Subsequently, the police will further deal with the vehicle according to law. The three-wheeler "Wenyi" opened fruit, the relevant person in charge of the comprehensive revision of the traffic police brigade, most of the tricycle drivers did not pass the regular driving skills and traffic safety knowledge training, traffic safety awareness is relatively weak.

Especially when driving on the road, the dangerous judgment of the road may be unclear, take measures to not standardize, and it is easy to have traffic accidents. Second, in order to catch the time, most of the three-wheeled driver often does not comply with road safety laws and regulations, free to adjust, driving fast lanes, reverse driving, red light, etc. Traffic violations are also uncommon. This happens, mainly because everyone may not understand the dangers of tricycles.

The safety of tricycle safety technology is low, and the safety of safety components such as vehicles is generally poor, and the speed is faster. In the case of illegal loading, due to the increase in weight, the center of gravity increases, once an emergency It is difficult to control. At present, electric three-wheeled vehicles on the market are dynamic, belonging to motor vehicle category.

But because this car is not listed in the card, it is not allowed to be on the road.

No brandless means that electric tricycles cannot be insured. If they involve traffic accidents, it is difficult to handle.

  If the tricycle is used to manage, when the vehicle speed is too fast, encounter an emergency, if the operation is improper, it is very likely that a group of death groups will occur. In addition, the tricycle is large, and often gathered in the school, hospital, station, farmer’s market, and vegetable market. This will make roads become crowded, causing traffic congestion, seriously interferes with normal road traffic order. It greatly reduces the passage of the road.

(Reporter Yang Jing).

Shandong Qingdao: Wheat Drawing Helps Country Welfare Development

Shandong Qingdao: Wheat Drawing Helps Country Welfare Development

Original title: Shandong Qingdao: Wheat Drawing Helpsing Country Welfare Village Works into Qingdao Qin Hanmai Caihara Exhibition in Qingdao West Coast, Shandong, visitors will see the inheritors of Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage wheat grass paintingsWheat grass painting theme.

Inheritance people make a bright wheat grass painting works by smoking, steamed, drifting, scraping, pushing, hot and shearing, engraving, editing, painting, etc.

The tourists who came to watch were endless.

Above: Wheat grass paintor shows wheat grass painting.

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