"Fast Office" ran out of the convenience of the people, the acceleration of enterprises – one of the three-year action series reports

"Fast Office" ran out of the convenience of the people, the acceleration of enterprises – one of the three-year action series reports

The industry must work hard.

The system is not good, it is related to the true landing of "venting service" reform, and it is related to the satisfaction of the people’s better life. Since 2018, the party group of the Ministry of Human Social Social Security is firmly practiced in the people-oriented thinking. In the whole system Thunder, the three-year action is launched, the blade is inward, the self-revolution, the pain point, the blocked point, the wind, the tree New wind, build people who are satisfied with people. Less enterprises have less and less, and there are fewer runners, and the speed is getting faster and faster, and the experience is getting better and better. Original title: "Fast Office" ran out of the convenience of the people – focusing on the construction of the three-year action series report, upload, brush ID card, less than 5 minutes, Wuhan Wu Wei is on the self-service card machine In a new social security card. You don’t have to return to the original, no need to queue, Jiangsu Nantong City, the flexible employee Chen Yanfeng has completed the payment of pension insurance with the mobile phone in Suzhou’s home. … "Too convenient!" "Really worry!" This is the sincere sigh in many business people in many enterprises.

Multiple institutions run, different windows, time limit, and submit a lot of materials … Once, all kinds of people do not have encountered opportunities to make corporate masses.

Directly hit the people’s worries, worry, worry, in April 2020, a Hui Enterprise, the self-revolutionary sweeping of the blade, the "Fast Action" is fully launched, and the people’s service began to present new meteorological.

Clear items, reduction materials, pressure time, and human society have vigorously promote the loss of interest, packaging and making the masses to truly "fast". The human society has been cleaned up for 125 second batch cleaning, and the extensive promotion is informational system. The masses don’t have to touch the wall to prove "my mother is my mother". All local communities are giving and related matters in the "one thing" in the eyes of the corporate masses, so that the masses will fill less, less prove, less running legs.

"Let’s have a geography, one ring one ring ”, maximize the same item, pressure reduction, so that the enterprise people ‘only run again’.

"Zhang Kejie, member of the Party Committee of the Dongying Municipal Bureau of Shandong, said Wang Kejie, director of the Social Security Center.

The epidemic raid, the inconvenience of the enterprise, the universities of all local communities have introduced "online" "code" and other "not see", which allow the masses to run less legs and let the service turn.

Take the Dongfeng of the Internet and Big Data, "One Window Clear" continues to move forward to "one network", "zero-sports" "free queue" "second batch" is growing.

Scan code opens the "Talent Evaluation" service, check out more than a dozen personal information options, evaluation results and adaptation policies.

Through Nanning "Smart Talent" platform, Dr. Wang Jing, a high-tech research institute in Nanning, will quickly completed the application for high-level talents in Nanning. Next, many policies "Welfare", "Welfare", including $ 400,000 in purchase of house loans, and tuition compensation, etc., will be directly reached in her hand, let her really feel the intelligence and efficiency of Nanning talent service. The expectation of the masses is the power of continuous reform. Can an office can be convenient? Can a service can no longer be humanized? Can I enjoy some time when I enjoy? Focusing on the needs of the mass of higher quality people, in 2021, on the basis of the packing office, speed up, simple, cross-provincial office, the Ministry of Human and Social Security continued to launch the on-site office, on the near, one card and exemption Waiting and other services, driving the "Fast Action" and promotes the production of promotion, bringing more convenient, efficient and warm-hearted services to the corporate masses.

With some people’s own business, the bank, post, grassroots service platform, etc. From home to the city to take a while, I have to have a long team, and Ma A, who is in the Xinfeng Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, is suspicion of Madu, has not turned back to the three-year social security in the field. Now, in the town’s government service center, only 15 minutes, she did a good job in pension insurance, but a heart before retired. The whole process, the home grooming, the old-age service fills the "digital gap" faced by the elderly, and sent convenience and warmth. "You can come, it’s so good!" Hunan Xiangxi, the 95-year-old man, the 95-year-old stone, is not convenient, will not use smartphones, children are not around, is being worried about the qualification of pension insurance, Xiangxi Social Insurance Service Center The staff will serve on the door. There is no need to apply for an application, the big data is automatically pushed. "Exemptions to the application" allows the enterprise to sit at home, you can harvest surprises.

Internet "Amoy" policy, compare screening, waiting for review … previous application of Stabilizing subsidies, Fujian New Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is at least 3 months. This year’s application process, Guan Honghong feels "unusually smooth", "After receiving the reminder of the people in the human society in December last year, after confirming, less than a month, 10,000 yuan subsidy will be paid in place." Hui Enteri will convenient For success.

From "One Don’t run" to "one time", from "I have to do" to "home to help", from "people to find policy" to "policies to find people", "express action" is increasing "acceleration", The enterprise masses have a feeling of happiness.

(Wu Yeowei) (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Welcome to the twelfth party congress of the province.

Welcome to the twelfth party congress of the province.

Text/Graphic reporter Wang Junhao on May 18th. When the reporter saw Zhu Changfu in Shandong Jiahua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Xianxian, he was communicating with colleagues to improve the quality of the product.

He focused, meticulous, and did not let go of every detail.

Speaking of the upcoming party congress of the province, Zhu Changfu is very excited: the provincial party representative is a honor and a responsibility. I will listen and review the report of the party congress to actively perform their duties; return to work positions; return to work positions; Later, the spirit of the meeting was conveyed to every employee of the company.

From 2006 to 2022, in 16 years, Zhu Changfu took root in Jiahua creatures and glowed in front -line positions.

He grew from an ordinary employee to the manager of the company’s protein technology department, showing the style of a Communist Party member. As early as during the university, Zhu Changfu, who had advanced ideas and excellent grades, joined the Communist Party of China. From the moment he joined the party, he has firmly in mind that no matter where he work, he must keep in mind the identity of the party members and show the responsibility of party members. When I first joined the work, facing the huge gap between the university campus and the production workshop, he once retired, but in the end, he chose what others can do. As a party member, he should do better Intersection Now that you have made a choice, you must persist and do some performance in your job.

From ordinary employees to monitor, from the squad leader to the director of the workshop, from the director of the workshop to the department manager, Zhu Changfu came along the way, consistent. In the eyes of An Zhiguo, deputy general manager of the company, Zhu Changfu was stubborn, dedicated, and was willing to study and diligently dedicate.

In 2019, Zhu Guangfu proposed a equipment renovation plan without stopping the spray drying section of the spray drying section, allowing the company to increase the output of more than 1,000 tons each year; in 2021, Zhu Guangfu designed a super simple hydrochloric acid tank with a production cost of only tens of yuan to prevent rustic gas. The anti -pressure device has now applied for a patent; in 2021, a tornado caused the company’s production workshop to be severely damaged. Zhu Guangfu led the party members to fight overnight and minimized the loss to the minimum & hellip; & hellip; Zhu Changfu was also a propaganda member of the company’s party branch. Reading, reading newspapers, love learning theoretical knowledge, the continuous improvement of its own theoretical level has also led to the improvement of colleagues’ theoretical level.

Usually, whenever he sat with his colleagues, he always tells the party’s political policy with examples to colleagues, and he will also tell the party’s mission to the people to listen to his colleagues.

Driven by his influence and driving, the company has more than 20 employees to become party members, and he is the introduction of the party who joined the party for more than 20 employees.

Many employees of the company actively apply for joining the party, and currently there are 10 activists who have joined the party. Zhu Changfu said proudly.

Employee Chu Wenhua took the initiative to submit an application for joining the party under the call of Zhu Changfu. Before joining the party, Chu Wenhua was a laboratory; after joining the party, Chu Wenhua strictly asked himself everywhere, and now he has grown into a company’s laboratory director. The role model is around, and you have to look at Comrade Zhu Changfu.

Chu Wenhua said. [Editor in charge: Song Chunfang].

"Intelligent bandage" monitoring wondgenezing

"Intelligent bandage" monitoring wondgenezing

  Op het slagveld, tijdig en effectief gewond, is het noodzakelijk om levens te redden en het aantal slachtoffers te verminderen. Wanneer het beveiligingspersoneel door de gewonden wordt behandeld, wordt het meestal gebruikt om een ??verband te gebruiken om hemostase te onderdrukken, en de rol van het voorkomen van infectie. Er is echter een tekort aan gewone bandages. Het is bijvoorbeeld niet mogelijk om de wondgenezing in realtime te bekijken, wat bijzonder ongemakkelijk is voor wonden met langere herstelcycli. Om de genezing van de wond op te lossen, kan het medisch personeel het verband alleen maar demonteren voor onderzoek, wat de fragiele genezingsorganisatie kan beschadigen. Onlangs, de Universiteit van Bologna, Itali?, zei dat ze een ‘slimme bandage’ hebben ontwikkeld die medisch personeel toestaat om de wondsituatie te controleren zonder het verband te verschuiven, het genezingsproces te onderbreken. De relevante onderzoeksresultaten werden gepubliceerd in het meest recente "Physics Frontier" -magazine. Volgens rapporten is dit "Smart Bandage" uitgerust met een sensor, die in real-time waterinhoudsinformatie op de wond kan verzamelen.

De sensor is gemaakt van een geleidend polymeer en de schermafdruktechniek is bevestigd aan het gaas en maak vervolgens een verband.

  De geoogste temperatuur, vochtigheid, enz. Hebben vele factoren getroffen. Het oppervlak van te droge wond is niet bevorderlijk voor weefselgroei, en de luchtvochtigheid is te groot, waardoor de wond te whiten en rimpels.

Vooral voor chronische wonden wordt het beschouwd als de sleutel tot de wondgenezing.

  Naast de sensor voegen onderzoekers ook een radiofrequentie-identificatie-tag toe die goedkoop, eenmalig en verbandcompatibel radiofrequentie-identificatielabel in textiel is.

Het kan de vochtinhoudsinformatie verzamelen die door de sensor is verzameld aan de nabijgelegen smartphones, zodat het medisch personeel weet wanneer het verband kan worden vervangen. Om het werkelijke effect van dit "slimme bandage" te testen, hebben de onderzoekers het blootgesteld aan kunstmatige wond-exsudaat. De testresultaten tonen aan dat "Smart Bandage" een duidelijke aflezing toont onder drie omstandigheden van drogen, vochtigheid en vochtigheid, die een hoge gevoeligheid vertonen. Op dit moment heeft deze technologie nog geen klinische proefnormen bereikt.

De onderzoekers zijn ook toegewijd aan het ontwikkelen van een verband van verschillende absorptiekarakteristieken om met verschillende soorten wonden om te gaan.

The success rate of anti -fraud interception of anti -fraud scam fraud in Wuhan Betuging Pavilion Police Station 100%

The success rate of anti -fraud interception of anti -fraud scam fraud in Wuhan Betuging Pavilion Police Station 100%

Chen Duanmin (middle), director of the Baibu Pavilion Police Station, introduced community governance experience (correspondent picture) Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) (Reporter Zhang Yang, correspondent Gong Xuan) Recently, the National Public Security System Hero Model Establishment Cost -in Commendation Conference was held in Beijing, A total of 31 collectives and 48 individuals in Hubei Public Security Organs were commended, and the awards and the number of people ranked among the number of people.

On May 27, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Department invited three to commend the British model to interact with the news media in Beijing to declare the results of Hubei public security work and team building. At this commendation conference, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council commended 19 national model public security units, and the Bobu Pavilion Police Station of the Jiang’an District Branch of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau was among them. It is the only public security police station in our province.

At the national civilized community demonstration site, the Bailu Pavilion Police Station anchor the work goal of "contradictions, no accidents, and no lack of service". The new pattern of grass -roots social governance and shared grass -roots social governance forms a working model of "the people call me, a hundred response", and draws the happy picture of the people in the new era.

Chen Duanmin, director of the Bobu Pavilion Police Station, introduced to the media that the institute conforms to the trend of social governance and uses the real -dry community to be safe. In the province, we took the lead in proposing the concept of "group defense and group governance, residential autonomy", and forming 27 groups of prevention of group prevention, 9 emergency anti -teams, and 1 community party member police volunteer service team; , Police Enterprise and Police Group’s work mechanism for the "Four Union and Co -Governance" to form a working model of "people call me, one hundred response". We relied on the power of the masses to effectively purify the law and order environment in the jurisdiction. The Betuging Pavilion Police Station adapted to the trend of the police situation, and used the vivid practice of combating telecommunications network fraud and holding the "money bags" as the inspection of the people -centered development ideas.

Integrate 6 forces including patrols, grid members, property, volunteers, and sinking party members to set up the "Anti -Fraud Fighting Alliance", rely on community grids to build a four -level "tower work group" to form a "6+n" job Group, weave a new pattern of "level 4 coordinating, 30 households and one group", to achieve a new pattern from top to next chess, from the inside to outside.

Chen Damin said that relying on the integration mechanism of "diligence" in the police station, the police station established the "login platform, signing and receiving, task assignment, on -site discouragement, platform recovery, supervision back to see" "six steps" electrical warning mechanism, innovation " Data+network+footboard "actual combat mode, realize rapid reactions, accurate interception, and efficient stop loss.

At the same time, six forces including the patrol team, grid staff, property, volunteer, and sinking party members set up the "Anti -Fraud Fighting Alliance", forming 1132 groups to enter the house, and to carry out the "Sweeping Action Action Action Action for 499 buildings and buildings in the community. ", Implement interception discouraged and anti -fraud knowledge preaching, penetrate anti -fraud publicity into the entire scene of the residents’" eating, accommodation, and entertainment ", and realize anti -fraud publicity" not leaking one household, many one person ".

As of now, the successful success rate of telecommunications fraud interception is 100%. The community Wenhuiyuan Community implemented a zero issue of telecommunications fraud, and the work experience was introduced by the Ministry of Public Security.

[People’s Look "] Hebei Zhanhuang: Mining Cultuur IP Show Dragonfly

[People’s Look "] Hebei Zhanhuang: Mining Cultuur IP Show Dragonfly

吱 原 原 车, 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美 美美Kleurrijke flournament. Seven-handed geweven machine en 5 houtstructuur weefmachines, Zanhuang Ziyu Tuli heeft hard gewerkt door drie generaties van passes, geleidelijk in verlegenheid gebracht naar het juiste spoor, die uit meer dan 2000 soorten heeft ontwikkeld, maar ook uitgebreide thuis leveringen. Zes reeks kleding kostuums.

Cui Xueqin nam ook de leiding bij het vaststellen van de professionele co?peraties van de eerste vrouwen op het platteland in de provincie Hebei, en de co?peraties kleur katoenzaad aan de leden. Na de co?peraties worden verworven, zullen ze worden uitgekeerd aan het personeel te slaan.

Onder haar leiders, die in de arme boeren in de bergen, begon een stabiele armoedebestrijding hebben.

Niet alleen dat, Cui Xueqin nam ook de niet-legacy windmolen, in beslag genomen van het land uitgebreide bevordering van de mogelijkheden voor armoedebestrijding, en vestigde het oorspronkelijke dorp non-legacy culturele industri?le park. In de industri?le park, is er niet alleen het oorspronkelijke dorp Turijn Hotel, het museum van het museum, maar ook de armoedebestrijding workshop en andere plaatsen.

Zanhuang County doorgegeven aan het oorspronkelijke dorp land, Jinzujube wijn en andere niet-legacy culturen om meer culturele inhoud te injecteren, culturele symbolen in de unieke plek, laat toeristen stoppen in de roaming-ervaring, ervaren culturele charme in de sightseeing tour, spreken "zinvol, interessant", laat mensen lopen in het verhaal en neem het verhaal.

De manier waarop culturele vlek op "Poetry and Distance" te omarmen om deze culturen tot culturele producten te cre?ren behouden, uitgegroeid tot een mobiel "lokale visitekaartje", Zanhuang County begon zijn eigen literaire producten te onderzoeken om hulp cultureel toerisme-industrie ontwikkeling.

Beijing will establish a rapid sharing mechanism of nucleic acid detection data with Hebei to achieve "one place detection, use two places"

Beijing will establish a rapid sharing mechanism of nucleic acid detection data with Hebei to achieve "one place detection, use two places"

  On the afternoon of June 2nd, Beijing held the 353 press conference of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic prevention and control work to introduce the latest situation of the epidemic prevention and control. According to Xu Hejian, a spokesperson for the municipal government, in November 2021, in order to meet the commuting needs of personnel around Beijing, Beijing established a convenient verification mechanism. Consultative personnel completed the negative proof of 48 hours of kernel acidic acid testing and the "Beijing Health" green code for the first time. After the inspection, each enters Beijing holds a 14 -day kernel test negative certificate. At the same time, we have set up a database of commuters and set up the "Beijing Health Treasure" commuting logo to facilitate the quick through.

  After this round of epidemic, according to the city’s normalized nucleic acid testing requirements, Beijing has adjusted the inspection rules for commuters. From May 5th, the first entered Beijing must hold 48 hours of kernel acid test negative proof and "Beijing Health Treasure" green code After that, the negative certificate of the kernel acidic acid detection is used for 7 days.

At the same time, in order to prevent risks, Beijing also put forward the same inspection requirements for commuters out of Beijing. From May 19th, according to the Tianjin epidemic situation, the Beijing -Tianjin commuters in and out of Beijing for inspections were temporarily adjusted to a 48 -hour kernel to detect negative proof.

These measures are still being implemented. Beijing will timely investigate and adjust the adjustment according to the changes in the situation of the epidemic situation. The relevant adjustment will be announced in advance. In the next step, Beijing will continue to optimize and improve the database of commute personnel and the "Beijing Health Treasure" commuting logo setting process, and timely incorporate qualified personnel into the scope of commuting; the second is to communicate with the relevant departments of Hebei to establish a rapid sharing mechanism for nucleic acid detection data. Realize "one place detection, use the two places", facilitate commuters to detect the nearest; third, Beijing will continue to optimize the convenient verification mechanism, and use measures such as inspection levels, add tidal lanes, increase inspection power and other measures to ensure normal commuters normal personnel. Traveling.

"Do not pick it up with makeup"! Beijing shopping malls random disappears, tensile, etc.

"Do not pick it up with makeup"! Beijing shopping malls random disappears, tensile, etc.

On November 3, this newspaper reported on the problem of unscrupulous epidemic prevention in some merchants in Beijing.

On November 8th, the reporter once again came to the Shengshenghui shopping mall again, and founded that she was picking up the cover. The phenomenon of trying, the phenomenon of trying is completely seen.

At the location of each makeup shop at the shopping mall, there is a tip of the taking makeup. Several customers pick lipstick before the counter, after seeing the right color number, I am planning to pull the mask on the mouth of the tester, the clerk immediately went forward, it is recommended that the customer is trying to do on the hand. The person in charge of the mall told reporters that they did their reminder to the seamless connection from the gate to each store. If you don’t wear a mask, it is unable to enter the mall. Each entry is equipped with a mask machine, and a box can be bought. However, some customers wear a mask when they entered the door, and they took the house.

Therefore, we have a mobile post in the mall, more than 20 inspections inspected at all floors, and remind customers to wear a mask. The store is reminded by the clerk. The reporter followed a inspector to walk in the mall, and found that the mask was prepared from the inspector or a catering store, and the customer provided to have need, and some catering stores were also erected in a single dining area. The inspector said that the public area of ??the mall was killed once, and the two-storey codes were needed to measure the temperature, even they also scan the code to measure the temperature. At the same time, he also called for customers to consciously wear masks during shopping, do epidemic protection. (Original title: Try to eat all reminded) (internship reporter deer).

"Goddess" Episode 15: Han Shu is completed to Lin Zhoujing table official with CP fate, all [Photos]

"Goddess" Episode 15: Han Shu is completed to Lin Zhoujing table official with CP fate, all [Photos]

  People’s Network News February 3, from Wen Jiayi, Yin Yin, Yue God, the goddess "Goddess", the 15th episode of the goddess ".

According to data from the statistics of the investigation company, the 15th episode of the drama is%, and its highest view record.

  In the latest 15th episode of the latest broadcast, Han Shu (Huang Yuxi), who has been secretly loving Lin Zhoujing (Wen Jiayu), finally got the courage, indicating that she has always liked her for three years, but they have not been able to say exports. And request Zhoujing and yourself three times.

But at this time, Zhou Jing’s heart is still a woman who is holding Li Xunhao (car and silver). After that, the book was approved with Zhou Jing, and he went home on Zhou Jing to go home, the book hugged her. At this time, Xiu Hao suddenly appeared.

What do he do in front of this scene? The next plot moves to trigger the audience curious. In the 16th episode, Whether the Hao asked whether the book also likes Zhou Jing, the book is in the face of himself, and the Hao will continue to react? What kind of choice will be made with Zhou Jing, who is reunited? The answer will be announced in the 16th episode of "Goddess" on Thursday (4th). (Intern Golden Cime) Video News Extension Read:.

As of 8:00 on June 1st, the total water storage capacity of large and medium -sized reservoirs in Hebei Province was 3.382 billion cubic meters

As of 8:00 on June 1st, the total water storage capacity of large and medium -sized reservoirs in Hebei Province was 3.382 billion cubic meters

  As of 8:00 on June 1st, the total water storage volume of large and medium -sized reservoirs in Hebei Province was about 1.3 billion cubic meters of water storage about 1.3 billion cubic meters from June 1st. Hebei Province entered the flood season. It was learned from the Provincial Department of Water Resources that as of 8:00 on June 1, the total water storage capacity of large and medium -sized reservoirs in the province was about 100 million cubic meters, which was about 1.3 billion cubic meters of water more than the same period of the year. Among them, 19 large reservoir storage of 100 million cubic meters, 44 medium -sized reservoir water storage of 100 million cubic meters.

The Pingyuan Wayang (Baiyangdian, Hengshui Lake, Dalangdian) storage of 100 million cubic meters of water was more than 100 million cubic meters of water than the same period last year.

  Statistics show that since the beginning of this year, the average rainfall of Hebei Province has been 40%less than the same period of the year. Among them, more than 50%of Chengde and Xingtai cities are more than 50%, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Baoding, Xiong’an New District, and Dingzhou are 10%to 30%, and other cities are 30%to 50%. Experts introduced that in order to ensure the safety of the flood season, for reservoirs with more water storage, Hebei Province combined with the needs of life, production, and ecological water. Since this year, water has been placed downstream. The water level can be reduced below the flood limit to meet the flood control scheduling requirements.

  In addition, according to the preliminary trend of the Ministry of Water Resources, this year’s flood season, the possibility of floods in northern and southern my country is greater. The north is larger than the south. The Haihe Basin where Hebei Province is located may have a large romance. To this end, the Provincial Department of Water Conservancy requested that after the flood, the people responsible for flood control at all levels should go to the place in time to comprehensively press and press the responsibility of various items. In the whole process, it continues to conduct outstanding issues such as river channels, reservoirs, and flood storage areas to actively eliminate hidden risks and ensure safety floods.

(Correspondent Ren Shuchun reporter Zhao Hongmei).

From "chemical industry surrounding the river" to "porpoons and waves"

From "chemical industry surrounding the river" to "porpoons and waves"

Yichang, a pleasant city, a prosperous place.

(Photo by Zheng Jie, Vision Network) A mother -in -law mother took a small porpoise to play in the river in the middle of the river. (Photo by Liu Shusong, all media reporter of Hubei Daily) Under the new situation of Jin Lingyun, Hubei Daily, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the key is to correctly grasp the overall advancement and key breakthroughs, ecological environmental protection and economic development, overall planning and long -time merit. , To break the relationship between the old kinetic energy and the cultivation of new kinetic energy, their own development and coordinated development, adhere to the new development concept, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, strengthen reform, innovation, strategic overall planning, and planning guidance, so that the Yangtze River Economic Belt will lead my country’s economy high Quality development of vital army. ——We Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Development Symposium on the Yangtze River Economic Belt (April 26, 2018) On May 11th, a pair of porpoons and children foraged in the blue waves in the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River.

The photographers and citizens who squatted on the shore recorded this scene with the lens. From the rare "frequent visit", the water quality of the Yangtze River "Yulu Rayfall" -pollen Porpherd witnessed the magnificent course of Yichang’s high level of protection and repair of the Yangtze River.

2022 is an important year for the first anniversary of the implementation of the Yangtze River Protection Law and the promotion of the "Ten Years of Fishing". It is also a key year for Yichang to carry out the high level of protection and restoration of the Yangtze River at a high level of protection and restoration, and further build the Three Gorges ecological barrier. Keep in mind Yin Yin’s entrustment and implement the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee. In an overwhelming position, the city’s power to fight the blue sky, blue water, and pure land to defend, promote the governance of ecological restoration in the whole region, and realize the fundamental transformation of "chemical industry" to "porpoons".

Cracking the experience of "Chemical Engineering" in 11 provinces and cities along the Yangtze River to promote the Yangtze River dry flow through Yichang 232 kilometers, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total length of the Yangtze River dry shoreline in Hubei Province. It is located in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, ranking ecological barrier in the Three Gorges Daba District and ecological sensitive areas of the Yangtze River Basin … However, over the past many years of overwhelming, making the Yangtze River overwhelmed.

"The Yangtze River Economic Belt should take a new path of ecological priority and green development.

"Four years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Hubei and presided over the in -depth promotion of the development symposium on the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and asked the Yangtze River Economic Belt to diagnose and lead the pulse and lead.

The Yangtze River was sick, and the problem was on the shore. It is impossible for Yichang to carry the political responsibility of the Yangtze River and build the Three Gorges ecological barrier. Chemical industry is the first industry with Yichang with an output value of over 100 billion yuan. It has contributed nearly one -third of the industrial output value of the city, accounting for nearly one -third of the province’s chemical output value.

"Governance" held up the pain of "broken wrists", and 134 chemical companies along the river in Yichang embarked on the road of "customs reform and moving". Tiantian Chemical, which has a history of 47 years, is closed for 200 million yuan, and sales of 300 million years of sales are "zero". The Yixuan gas transformation project with an investment of 3 billion yuan is rejected by only 1 kilometer from the Yangtze River … At the same time, Sanning Company Ethylene Gel project is preferably internationally leading technology. To "high -precision". Xingfa Electronic -level phosphate projects break the foreign monopoly, accounting for 80%of the domestic market. Huayang Chemical has moved into Yidu Chemical Park, with production capacity increased from 5,000 tons to 8,300 tons. The product types have doubled, becoming the world’s largest ultraviolet absorbent production enterprise.

Starting from the new development concept, Yichang people soberly realized that green development is not whether it is to develop chemicals, but in what kind of chemical industry. Re -sail, Yichang comprehensively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. The proportion of traditional chemical industry has fallen below 20%, and the proportion of fine chemical industries has increased to%; the leading industries such as modern phosphorus chemical, silicon chemicals, fluoropic new materials, and graphite new materials have emerged.

In 2019, Yichang cracking the typical experience of "chemical industry" was notified and praised by the State Council, and promoted in 11 provinces and cities along the river. Along the river chemical enterprise "away from the river", a number of industry giants such as Ningde Times, Shandong Haike, and Guangzhou Tianci "heavy warehouses", a closed ring of industrial chain covering positive and negative electrode materials, electrolytes, and diaphragms. Transformation and upgrading to new energy and new materials. The effectiveness of the Yangtze River protection system that has been grasped, jointly built, and shared has shown data released by the Yichang Ecological and Environment Bureau. From January to April this year, the excellent water quality rate of 16 national control sections in Yichang City is 100%, and the water quality of 34 provincial control sections has reached the standard standard. The rate is 100%. The porpoons that are regarded as the "indicator creature" of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Basin have ushered in growth again.

Behind the performance is Yichang’s implementation of the Yangtze River Protection Law, centered on the restoration of ecological environmental protection of the Yangtze River, and the road of systematic governance and continuous development. Focusing on the pilot project of the national landscape, forests, lakes and grass ecological protection and restoration projects, Yichang planned 63 projects in one breath.

In the past five years, Yichang has completed the monitoring and traceability of the 1973 rivers of the Yangtze River and the Qingjiang River, and promoted the rectification of "one bite and one policy".

The water quality of the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River has stabilized the water quality of the surface water category, and the total phosphorus concentration dropped by nearly 50 %. The system implemented water pollution control, and the province of Yichang Port Port was the first to achieve full coverage. The first LNG dual fuel ship "Fan Sheng 102" in the middle and upper and upstream watersheds in the Yangtze River was launched smoothly.

my country’s independently developed "Yangtze River Three Gorges 1" new energy pure electric cruise ship successfully first settle in Yichang, and the first time the Yangtze River Yangtze River ushered in the new energy "green Ark". Nearly a hundred ecological public welfare organizations such as the "Ecological Citizen Day" and the cultivation of "Three Gorges Anters" are the country’s first ecological public welfare organizations, and the people are promoted to participate in the construction of ecological civilization. Data show that the public knowledge of ecological civilization has a degree of knowledge of ecological civilization, and the public’s satisfaction with the construction of ecological civilization is%and participation%. The blue water rushes, the new appearance is displayed.

In May of this year, the Hubei Biological Diversity Survey Report was announced that new species were found in the Dian Military Region of Yichang City, and rare rare rame red feet appeared in Yichang.

The number of Chinese autumn sand ducks in Dangyang Qinglong Lake National Wetland Park continued to increase. In April, the River Rouge Garden flowing point of the Binjiang Corridor, more than 200,000 "second generations" Zhonghua Lang set off from the rare fish flowing point of the Yangtze River, and went into the Yangtze River with the "slide".

Jiang Shui is clear, and the fish leaps home.

In May, the news came. After a journey of about 1,800 kilometers, China has successively arrived at the Yangtze River mouth and will enter the embrace of the East China Sea. The 232 -kilometer ecological corridor accelerates the green transformation and half of the city, which is the biggest nostalgia in the hearts of Yichang.

In the past five years, Yichang has dismantled 216 and 134 sand mining farms along the river. The global ecology has been re -green for 10,000 acres. A number of new net red "punching points" such as the 232 -kilometer ecological corridor in Yichang section, Binjiang Park, and other new net red "punching points" have become citizens’ leisure and fitness places.

Upstream from downstream, from water to shore. The whole region is green, and green is never so close to life, ecology, and life. On May 28, the 8 -kilometer -long Yangtze River Bank Line Remediation Repair Project was officially opened and opened, and the former pier factories turned into Greenland Plaza. Over the years of ingenuity, a butterfly change. Now all the green corridors from Gezhouba are all connected, and the new Yangtze River shoreline is naturally connected to the Binjiang Park, forming a urban riverside green corridor that stretches 50 miles. "The Jiangtan here is so good!" Wuhan tourist Zhang Hao sighed. He walked through many shores of the Yangtze River, only Yichang half of the mountains and half water, and it was so beautiful.

"The gorge is full of Asahi, and the mountains are wide." Guo Moruo’s praise to Yichang made people associate. Guarding the Yangtze River Bank Line in a green ecological manner is not only the practice of Yichang people’s true love for the mother of the Yangtze River, but also another gift from the mother river to Yichang people.

The landscapes are connected, the two sides of the strait are green, and the scrolls of the green and clear people are open slowly. Several sayings of Yichang Ecological Fushe Green Yangtze River Knight and 196 kilometers of tributary shore lines, banning 216 docks, and reducing the port bank of 42 kilometers. The 11th pollutants receiving transfer terminals of the Yangtze River Counseling Line have been completed and put into use.

In 2021, the assessment of the top ten iconic campaigns of the Yangtze River Protection of Yichang City was once again rated as the "excellent" of the province, achieving the "three consecutive championships" of the assessment. The provincial government held a site meeting in Yichang for three consecutive years. The implementation of 134 riverside chemical enterprises "Guanxuan and Moving" to solve the typical experience of "chemical industry" was promoted in 11 provinces and cities along the river.

The proportion of fine chemical industry in the city has increased to%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of phospholosypsum has increased. The water quality of Yichang section of the Yangtze River has stabilized the Ⅱ standard, and the total phosphorus concentration dropped by nearly 50 %. The excellent water quality of the national examination section, the water quality of the provincial test section, and the water quality of the centralized drinking water source at or above the county level are 100%. In 2021, there were 13 provincial -level ecological towns and 51 provincial ecological villages, 3 national ecological honor awards, and 6 provincial ecological honor awards.