Fuzhou promotes neighboring party building leading grassroots governance

Promote the scene.

People’s Network Wang Milling People’s Network Fuzhou May 27th (Wang 上海洗浴桑拿会所 Milion) On the 26th, the Key Task Promotion Association of Grand Party Construction Work in Fuzhou City and the Near Neighboring Party Construction Work Site was held in Cangshan District.Guo Xuebin, the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal Committee, and Guo Xuebin, Minister of Organization, attended the meeting and 上海嘉定足浴你懂得 speaking.The Ministry of Organizations, Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Committee, Drum Tower, Taijiang, Cangshan, Lianjiang, Luo Yuan, Yongtai and other counties and districts have made exchanges.Guo Xuebin demanded that party organizations at all levels should combine "Party Flags in the grassroots first-line high-altitude" "re-study, re-investigation, re-implementation", and solidly carry out the education of party history, carefully do the 100th anniversary of the party, continueImprove 闵行上海油压群 the approach of neighboring party construction leads the grassroots governance, promoting party building, rural revitalization, do strong digital party building, and building a batch of party building brands in the field, constantly improving the level of party building in various fields.(Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua).


Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Area: Fully optimize business environment to create high quality high standard demonstration zone

People’s Network Haikou April 16 (Fan Hun Di) With the first China International Consumer Product Expo is about to open, Haikou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone is being preparatory. "At present, many companies in Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone have identified participants, parks must do Good ‘shop small two’ type of service helps companies solve the difficulties.

"The relevant person in charge of the park told reporters.

In order to create a high-quality demonstration area, the comprehensive auto-affected area is based on super conventional understanding, initiative, action and effectiveness, through the construction of a good government service environment, tolerate the universal innovation mechanism, create a first-class service environment, attract more Quality enterprise settled.

Deepen the "venting service" reform and improve service capabilities.

The park provides a "shop small two" service for key enterprises and focused priorities by establishing a corporate waiter system. It is understood that Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Area Management Committee has specialized a "corporate waiter" work program, clearly proposes the service specifications of "corporate waiters" in response to projects: minimalizing the company twice with the company a week, visit once every month … Timely track collection of corporate issues, solve difficulties encountering in business development.

"First-class service can attract first-class enterprises.

"Comprehensive Zone through the improvement of the public intelligent warehouse and standard factory buildings such as the park, so that the industrial project is" satchery into the 上海海选品茶微信 station ". At the same time, promote the construction of intelligent 5G parks and strengthen financial services.

As of December last year, the investment promotion of China’s investment in China was very good. 681 registered enterprises in the park, 221 registered companies in cross-border e-commerce companies.

At the same time, attracting six tax-free licenses, customs supervision release cross-border e-commerce online bonded import declaration list, the total value value increases, double.

In terms of government service environment, the park is optimized for approval process, and the "minimalizing approval" is derived, minimizing corporate institutional transaction costs.

According to reports, the park has accumulated 33 provinces, municipal management privileges and 爱上海同城论坛官网 entrustments, all included in Haikou City Integrated online government service platform.

Sustainable optimization business environment has also achieved remarkable results. In 2020, under the influence of new crown pneumonia epidemics, the work of the park did not only press "Pause", but it started "fast forward". In 2020, the park has completed its business income billion, which increased year-on-year, 744 registered enterprises, and 241% of the number of new enterprises in the year.

"The park is fully comprehensively improving the international high-level economic and trade rules and Haikou market commercial environment enhancement action programs, and fully doing the company ‘full life cycle’ service, bringing more benefits to enterprise development.

"The person in 上海自带工作室女 charge of the park said.

(Editor: Liu Yangyang, Wang Qingfang).


Guangzhou: Primary school teaching materials have odor batch recycling replacement

  Xinhua News Agency, September 4th (Reporter Zheng Tianhong, Yang Shuxin) For the parents of Guangzhou, some students reflect the third and fourth grade English textbooks, the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau responded that the relevant English textbook will be replaced, the original Digital textbooks are on the line. Recently, Guangzhou has some students who have said children in the new semester of the child have pungent tastes on the Internet. There is also a photo of the English textbook. The relevant person in charge of the Publisher Education Science Press in the textbook said that after receiving the notice from the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the publishing agency immediately sent a staff to Guangzhou verification and emergency disposal.

The textbook is printed by Guangzhou 上海水磨实体店微信 Suicai Printing Co., Ltd., with green printing qualifications, the ink used by the batch textbook complies with environmental standards. Publishing House to extract Guangzhou Suicai Printing Co., Ltd., the same batch textbook (third grade: first edition, June 2021, June 10th: July 2013) 1st Edition, 2021 Sample of the 9th printing in June, sent to the authoritative quality supervision and testing agency for testing, the introduction of the test is "all project test results meet the standard HJ2503-2011 Terms (environmental logo product technical requirements printing first part: lithographic printing) Require". According to preliminary judgment, the reason for the odor of the textbook is that the textbook printing and packaging is caused, and the operation is lost during the printing process, the sealing oil is too 上海特价品茶资源 heavy, resulting in excessive taste. Publishing House and Printing Factory Commitment, the whole batch of English textbooks in primary schools, after recycling. On the 4th, some schools have begun to replace, and all schools will be replaced on September 7, and they will minimize the impact of teachers and students. At the same time, the publishers urgently contact the Guangdong teaching cloud platform to simultaneously launch the original digital textbook for teachers and students.


Fujian Provincial Political Consultative Conference continues to carry out the participation rate of members of the Reading Activities close to 100%

  Xinhuanet Fuzhou November 上海喝茶资源微信 17th (Jiang Qiaoling) Fujian Provincial Political Consultative Conference participated in the "National CPPCC Academy" Theme Reading Activities have progressed to the third topic, and since the start of November 8, there have been about 6,000 days, and members. The participation rate is close to 100%.

  It is understood that the third topic is the theme of "Ecological Fujian and Beautiful China", and the members combined with Fujian characteristics to carry out enthusiastic discussions and share their experiences. Among them, especially around Longyan Water Soil Loss, Sanming will "two mountain theory" practice, "Duan Dong Zhen is in Lin" development strategy and other aspects of nearly 80 vivid practices, with data contrast, historical restoration, status quo, etc. The way, showing the construction of ecological civilization in Fujian Province, set off a climax of learning discussion.

Everyone adopts "online learning, online chat, online theory, online praise", and actively speaking, there are about 6,000 days average.

Since the launch of the subject reading activities, the total number 上海各区工作室新茶 of speeches has accumulated by 210,000.

  Next, the subject reading activities will also promote classmates to read, mutual mutual records, and share the sharing and enjoying the depth and breadth of discussions under the premise of maintaining heat without minus.

At the same time, it will also carry out the "online + line" interactive reading, and the provincial party committee network office, the group provincial party committee jointly launched the "Ecological Fujian and Beautiful China" reading to exchange college activities, expand the connotation and epitaxy of the "Shuxiang CPPCC".


Before and after the national road, the stealing wells set different sins.

Original title: Before and after the national road, the stealing wells covered different sins of small wells with thousands of people’s travel safety. However, in the eyes of the stealing, these "safe covers" scattered on the city road, but they became their "rich cover", they extended the sinful hands to the well cover, leaving "eat people" "eat car" Major security risks. Laison a public prosecution in Jiangsu Province, recently, the court endanger the crime of public safety, theft, theft, theft, and sentenced the defendant Zhou, Zheng Mou, four years and four years in prison . In the early morning of April 13 this year, there were not many people on the road, and Ms. Ma took off from the Ni Moving lane in Niki City. Ms. Ma is not a riding speed, but on the route she travels, a "black hole" has already been ambushed. Only heard the "", the electric car wheel of Ms. Ma fell into the well, she immediately dropped from the electric car, diagnosed by the hospital, his left femur fracture, it requested for three months.

In fact, in the secondary road of work and farmers and the 328 National Highway, March to April, there have been more than 30 wells, and they are concerned about Zhou and Zheng. Zhou and Zheng were husband and wife, and they were a living on weekdays.

In early March of this year, Zhou made a stealing home of Dongxi, and got Zhengmao. Because Zhou’s leg foot is inconvenient, the two will take their attention to the well cover on the road.

The two people conducted division of labor, Zhou’s blue three-wheeled car with ordinary collection waste, was selected as a section that was in repair or just repaired, and Zhou was responsible, and Zheng was responsible for the wind, sometimes helping handle. Because it is afraid to be discovered, the two usually choose to start at around 4 in the morning, they take the night as covering, from March and April this year, there have been more than 30 窨 well covers. Two people sold these stolen wells to waste iron to a waste purchase point, in order to prevent waste acquisition points, Zhou will also smash the stolen well cover. Two people have a total of 2,000 yuan. After the injury was injured, the Yizheng Municipal Public Security Bureau has been reported to the masses, saying that there is a well-shade cover that is located at the entrance of the city’s 328 National Highway Northeast, and the entrance of the work of Henan Province. A few days later, the public security organs arrested Zhou Mou, Zheng, and the two confessed to theft of theft. "The two generally use crowbars, hand-moving ways to steal cases, a total of 12.

But theft of theft is different, the crime involved is different. According to the contract of the prosecutor, the 328 national road that the two implemented theft was officially opened on March 28 this year. According to the "Two High One", "Guidance Opinions on the Criminal Cases of Work-related Wells", theft The well-known crime is not the same, including the non-motorized lane, theft, the sidewalk, the station, terminal, park, square, school, business center, factory, community, college, business center, factory, community, college, business center, factory, community, college If the well cover is sufficient to endanger public safety, it has not yet caused serious consequences. According to the criminal law, it shall be punished in danger of danger of public safety. In view of the case involving the safety of the people’s lives along the people of the 328 National Highway, the crime involving the complicated, Yizheng City Procuratorate The sender introduced in advance to investigate, the restriction on the spot, asked the public security organ to investigate the public security organs, requiring the public security organ to investigate the monitoring equipment along the pointed well cover and the stolen location to the foot to the place where the place is taken. Clear cases, improve evidence chain. On August 2, the public security organ transferred the case to the procuratorate review and prosecuted.

"328 National Highway is officially opened, the flow of people, the traffic is small, 爱上海贵族宝贝 after the official traffic on March 28, the flow of people, the traffic of the car" has threatened public safety.

"Introduction to the Prosecutor," therefore should be a time node on March 28, 2021, and the previous behavior is qualitatively crime, and the behavior is qualitative to endanger public safety in danger. "On September 1st, the Yizheng City Procuratorate took a public prosecution to the court with dangerous methods, theft of the United States, and the court adopted the sentencing suggestions of the procuratorate before receiving the prosecution. ■ Related links" "" "" "" "" "",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (,, Community, hospital, etc. If the public and private property is significant, it shall be 爱上海1314后花园 punished according to the provisions of Article 115, paragraph 1, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law. (Editor: Wu Nan, thin morning) Sharing let more people see.


Dedicated to the people’s practical improvement

Use your heart to use your affiliation, you wholeheartedly. Since the development of party history education this year, the judicial administrative organs and lawyers at all levels of Hunan have been tight around the central overall situation, focusing on enterprises and the masses of "rush to expectations", organizing to guide the lawyers to carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses". , relieve the hardship the people to worry, the rule of law so that people get a sense of well-being and sense of security continued to improve. "On-style law", help the corporate risk "Li Liema has conducted a detailed review of the company’s operations, listing 13 legal risk points, reminding us to pay attention to the details of the contract process, it is really too Practical! "On April 20th, Hunan Jinzhou (Xiangtan) Law Firm organizes lawyers to enter the corporate garden to carry out corporate contract standard review 上海飞机店kb training, and gain a high degree of evaluation of park enterprises. Send a law to help companies find the law "blind zone". This year, the province’s judicial administrative agency focused enterprise urgently expected the urgentity of the rule of law, and the normalization of the "Rule of Law Quality Examination" of the private enterprises, and the establishment of 221 "Service Enterprise Volunteer Group" to carry out "ongoing the 上海龙凤花园论坛 law".

At the same time, expanding the coverage of corporate lawyers and corporate legal counsels. At present, there are 585 company lawyers. Wanjia companies hire lawyers to serve as legal counsels, and apply for universal legal affairs of enterprises.

According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Justice, this year, our province actively promoted the establishment of the "Wanliwan Club" working mechanism, organized the provincial law firm and 123 county-level industrial and commercial sales and 2316 commercial associations to establish collaboration, service mechanisms, and promote information communication, personnel Rongtong, business Unicom. Yueyang took the lead in setting up a Hong Kong and Macao Camp Office in the self-trade test area, explored the "Chamber of Commerce + Enterprise" legal service, and took a new pace in the service "three high four new" strategies.

Legal services, let the masses feel the "temperature" of the rule of law "" Thanks for legal aid, we will discuss the hard-earned money for us.

"On August 6, Hu Shizhen in Huason Town, Xiangtan County, thanked Changsha Legal Aid Center to thank the people of the people.

Let the masses feel the "temperature" of the rule of law. This year, the Hunan lawyer team has widened "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" There are 3,426 contradictions such as property, home, and neighborhoods, and the "sense of gain" of the mass legal service is significantly improved. In order to open the "last kilometer" of the legal service, the judicial administrative organs at all levels have guided lawyers to take the initiative to discuss the volunteer points of the public legal service, and 6,325 lawyers will carry out the rule of law. Propaganda, legal advice, dispute mediation and other services, providing a variety of legal services to 110,000 law services, and the imbalance of legal service resources in rural areas, which are unbalanced in rural areas. Convenience Huimin, highlighting the responsibility to act as this year, influenced by the epidemic, Changsha’s real estate company faces a "upstream" multiple contract default risks.

Emergency, the company’s person in charge asked for assistance to the Provincial Lawyers Association. After the understanding, the Provincial Lawyers Association assigns a company legal affairs and the Construction Real Estate Committee to build a team to assist the company to take measures according to law to reduce risks and reduce losses. Launching the resolution of contradiction between the epidemic situation, lawyers have professional advantages, professional advantages and practical advantages.

Provincial Justice Department, the Provincial Lawyers Association actively serves as a briefing, and 20 guidance cases, and the establishment of 14 rule of law and civilians. Lawyers from all over the country, on the "12348 Hunan French Net · Fa Net" equip, telephone, WeChat service platform, widely provide various legal advisory services. During the prevention and control of Zhangjiajie and other places, the province’s law firms were actively active, donating donation of 2.7 million yuan, participating in volunteer activities, and strongly highlighting the responsibility of the lawyers.

(Hunan Daily full media reporter Shazhaohua.


Fushun Xinfu Public Security Bureau launched a new model of household registration

"There are various exams for the school, and the child’s study time is not coming out. If the unit, please pay special feet, the child is still can’t delay", start school, Fushun Xinfu Public Security Bureau Administrative examination and approval service hall receiving a number of people Parents of children to apply for identity cards, account migration, have reflected business to specialize in time, and delay students’ academies and parents, bringing great burden to parents. After you know this, the Xinfu Public Security Bureau immediately organized research work initiatives and decided to launch the "green channel" + "enter the school certificate" double-managed business handling model, the branch office, the household registration window takes the weekend time, work overtime to students and Parents handled their business and docking with within the jurisdiction, organizing business backbone into school for students to apply for ID cards.

It is reported that the first batch of certificates work in Fushun City’s 50th Middle School.

On the first day of the certificate, the Xinfu Public Security Bureau organized the examination and approval hall and the household registration business backbone,上海品茶新人场子 carrying the camera, light, fingerprint collection and other equipment, using the pro-school for students to apply for students.

Considering that students may not meet the photo shoot requirements of the students, hair style, etc., the police carry clothes, card issues, and other items. After arriving at the school, the police and the school police have a household registration police to combine the hair, organize the instrument, organize the children, and organize the children in order, and work in an orderly manner.

In the face of numerous certificates, the household registration police serve students with thoughtful enthusiasm, careful attitude towards students, and patiently answers to the problems raised by the students. The innovation initiative of the Xinfu Public Security Bureau "Entering 上海品茶一对一 the School" has won the consistency and praise of the school and the students.

On the first day of the pilot, the Xinfu Public Security Bureau handled the identity documents for 182 students, and after the two days, 90 unspeakable students in Fushun City did not complete the documents, and the pilot work made a complete success.

After the pilot work has been successful, the Xinfu Public Security Bureau immediately docked with the Xinfu District Education Bureau. He has obtained the support of the New Region Education Bureau. The Education Bureau issued a letter on the police school jointly helped students to handle the ID card. Established a joint collaboration mechanism for the police school, and regularly organize the police in the school to handle the ID card for each middle school, and open a "student special" on the eve of important exams, and organize students to apply for ID card. At the same time, the opening of the student business "green channel" has been taken 20 times for students and parents. The ID card business is 36, and the relevant household registration is received more than 100 times.

Since carrying out "I have a practical thing for the masses", Fushun Xinfu Public Security Bureau has always adhered to the people’s satisfaction as the highest standard, focusing on deepening political and legal reform, and launches "delivery to the door" "Residential ID", "" "" "" " Convenient measures, the satisfaction of residents in the jurisdiction is gradually improved, and the masses in the jurisdiction is praised.

(Editor: Wang Swun, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.


2021 Beijing Net red card new list announced the red attraction of Peking University Red Building

People’s Network Beijing December 7th (Yin Xingyun) On December 6th, "2021 Beijing Net Red Card Truck Recommendation List" was released in auspicious drama.

This year, in the context of the overall quality of the Wenbao consumer, the consumption potential is further improved, Beijing introduces "Beijing cultivated the construction of international consumer center city implementation plan (2021-2025)", which proposed the release of Wenbao consumption potential "Top Ten Special Actions", in the next five years, build heavy tourism consumption products, and launch 300 Beijing Net red card. After the first introduction of 100 online red cards in Beijing in 2020, this year, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau once again guided the 2021 Beijing Net red card-card selection activities, and combined with new state development on the basis of last year, it added to the new state development. Night economic, technological innovation and digital economy, new consumer scene 3 large sectors.

The selection activity has attracted the social attention from the time of startup. The total number of collections of the whole network will be nominated in the card, and the number of collections were nominated. After the finishing screen, the final 300 finalists were selected. From October 15th to 29th, through the public vote, the total number of votes exceeded 5.68 million through the Internet, and finally bisted 100 爱上海sh419 Beijing Net Red Card Recommendations and 196 nominated recommendations. In the first year of the 100th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Party, the Chinese Communist Party of the Beijing Revolutionary Activity Memorial Hall (Peking University Red Building), "New Youth" Editorial Department (Chen Duxiu’s old home), etc. The red new attraction is not unexpectedly entered the new list of net red cards.

I was selected this year’s new list of net red cards and this year’s Beijing Global theme resort, reopening auspicious aater, and Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, Mindre Valley Traditional Culture Experience Base, Shirama River International Style Night Tour , White Tower Light Hotel (Lotus Coffee), Tiantan Fu Beverage, Meikong Academy and other familiar new consumer places. This release of Beijing 上海高端私人会所 Net red cards is divided into natural landscape, human landscape, cultural art, block park, new consumer scenario, night economy, technology innovation and digital economy, reading space, hotel and boutique hotel, catering and innovation 10 major subject classifications such as retail, basically cover all the activities of Beijing existing net red card.

In order to promote the brunette card, the innovation and development, cultivate the new consumer brand of Beijing Nets, and the relevant departments of Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau and other relevant departments, introduce social capital, multi-dimensional support network red card.

On the list of monitors, the second series of series of series of series of series of series of series of series of Chinese Wenbao Bureau and Beijing Radio and Television 松江足浴会所哪家好 Station "Chao Beijing-Beijing Net Red Card Raiders" also officially launched. Writing work will be unified in the order of "Beijing 12 hours" time, invite famous writers, well-known artists, social welcoming people, online celebrity and host, with the first perspective of "walking Beijing", through the beautiful prose sort out In the early morning, there were a distinctive net red card, which had a distinct time in different times, and the deadline and trendy fashion of Beijing City, and hookped the new look of Beijing Net red card. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau said that the next step will be promoted through the overall planning, and the influence of Beijing Net red card is continuously expanded.

At the same time, it will give play to the self-discipline of the industry. A new guide for leisure consumption. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Han Jun emphasizes the efforts to support Jigda play a greater role in innovation driving development.

Original title: Fully support Ji University playing greater role in innovative driving development to provide strong support for the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin to provide strong support September 1st, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, governor Han Jun to Jilin University to investigate.

He emphasized that the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implementing Li Keqiang’s premier of Jilin instructions, in accordance with the provincial party committee, provincial government to deploy, tightly twisted the "cattle nose" of the innovation of Jilin revitalization, and in depth, implement innovation and driving development The strategy, give full play to the advantage of JiGu, promote basic research and scientific research, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the transformation of the humanities and 上海油压店qq群 technological advantages of our province into industrial advantages, development advantages, competitive advantage, and promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" Jilin Revitalization Development New breakthrough.

The equipment manufacturing industry is the advantageous industry in our province’s key development. In the Jida Agricultural Machinery Lab, Han Jun detailed understanding of the development of intelligent agricultural machinery and other 上海外菜gzs projects.

He emphasized that it is necessary to deduct the demand for modern agricultural development in Jilin, promote the integration of production, and accelerate the key core technology, promote the product iteration upgrade, and build a smart high-end agricultural machinery equipment production R & D base.

In the Hongqi Academy, Han Jun emphasized, we must revolve around the transformation of automobiles, adhere to the production integration, innovate talent training model, and strive to cultivate the formation of automobile research and development, manufacturing and other complete industries. "Double Creating" is an important starter to implement an innovative drive strategy. In the Ji Dafa Student Innovation Center, Han Jun solidly examines the development of "double-creating" work such as intelligent robots, 3D printing, and Ji Expression.

He said that colleges and universities are the cradle of "double creation". Ji Daw should be unified, build a first-class "double creation" platform, provide full quality services, strengthen the "double-creating" counseling, and stimulate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. The majority of students should have a dream of entrepreneurship, actively engage in "double-creating" practice, and achieve personal careers in innovation and entrepreneurship, realize their value.

New materials are the key to the industrial upgrading.

Han Jun came to Jigda Special Plastic Engineering Research Co., Ltd. and the National Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials.

He emphasizes that in New Temple, the resources will be integrated, and the application research is carried out, extend the industrial chain, accelerate the high-level technical system, and strive to build the new material industry into the upgrade of the upgrade. During the survey, Han Jun hosted a symposium to listen to the relevant information on Jilin University and Changchun City. He emphasized that Ji big academic achievements were outstanding, and the talents gathered, and the comprehensive strength was in the forefront of the national colleges.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, I hope that Jida continues to make greater contributions to the development of Jilin. One to support Jigda better service national strategic needs. Focus on national major needs and strategic emerging industries development needs, undertake more core strategic tasks, develop a group of "card neck" technology in new technologies, new industries, new materials, and resolve major problems that restrict development and safety.

Second, we must focus on developing more talents for the development of Jilin revitalization.

Strengthen "Double First Class" construction and cultivate more high-quality talents to Jilin. The third should continue to deepen the development of school partnership. Support researchers and corporate docking, promoting school-in-law cooperation in platform construction, innovation projects, etc. have achieved more substantive results. Fourth, it is necessary to speed up the construction of the "double-creating" ecotropic circle. Into the advantages such as Torgi Technical Innovation, Industrial Cultivation, Talents Training, Service Support, Huanji Planning and Construction a batch of technology incubator, double creation base, and achieve transformation platform. Five must fully support the development of Jilin University. Establishing a full-scale communication with Jigda, the normalization of Ji Dagism needs, implementing various support policies, and helps solve problems in time, take the initiative to find a combination of Jigda and Jilin revitalization, and provide strong support to promote high quality development.

Wang Zi, Jiang Zhiying, Zhang Xi, An Guowu, etc.

(Reporter in Xiaobo) (Editor: Wang Emperor, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Guizhou Bijiang Fire Ceremony welcomes Wang Xiang’s reputation

For the champion Wang Xiang, the flowers were given on November 10th, the Tongren City Bijiang District Fire Rescue Brigade held a national fire industry vocational skill competition champion player triumphant welcomed the ceremony, all fire-fighting warfare, full-time team members, welcome to the champion player, congratulations and Take a photo with the contestants. At the symposium, the contestants Wang Xiang, Yang Tianying, Huang Yang shared the training, falling, and the experience of the game and the feelings, said that they will cherish the honor, guard 上海油压推荐 against arrogance, and continue to carry forward the tenacity, tenacious fighting spirit, Practice hard practice, in the position of their job, and strive to achieve more excellent results.

The National Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition is both physical, skillful battlefields, but also overcombs yourself, surpassing self-proclaimed platforms, 3 team members of the Bijiang District Fire Rescue Brigade are not afraid of strong hands, hard work, fully demonstrating Bijiang Fire Refers to the war’s high-spirited spiritual style and exquisite and solid business skills, showing the results of comprehensive construction in the three years of team reform, and is the embodiment of the comprehensive construction and capacity level of the special team.

The master of the brigade encouraged all the players to make the performance as a motivation, regard the honor as a spur, based on higher standards, aim at higher goals, and strive for better results. I hope that they will carry out good experience, good style, and fully stimulate all the enthusiasm of all the guides who love and dedication, practical work; further sum up experience, find insufficient, fully play, to promote the quality of the overall team; Further pull high standards, hard training, practice the contest to the first line of fire fighting rescue, adhere to the combat power standards, create new achievements, and new work. On October 29th, the National Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition was held in Nanjing, and Wang Xiang, Guizhou Fire Particame, in the fire fighting combatator project, won the first place in the fire barrier module! "Hey!" As the gun sounded, the stopwatch started to fly, Wang Xiang, who dressed in orange, rushed out of the starting point, flip over the disorder wall, and ran over the water with more than 10 kilograms, will ran over the wooden bridge. The water belt and the water supply are connected to the water gun, and the end is turned on, and he is a lot of money, and the first place in the module is smooth.

松江大学城找服务 Good news, all the firefighting warpersers are very excited and proud, they have been emotion, he ran out Guizhou speed, Tongren speed, Bijiang speed … Wang Xiang, born in 1998, June 2016 joined the fire rescue team, current Tongren City The fire rescue detachment Tongxing Avenue Special Service Station Three Class Class.

From 2018, he began to participate in various fire contests, it can be said that he has achieved today’s achievements in the day and night. The project of Wang Xiang, who participated in this competition, was a fire fighting combat, 100m fire barriers, climbing the hook ladder, attacking the tips, the limit traversed four modules. Although the national champion is achieved, Comrade Wang Xiang did not blindly proud.

In the interview after the game, he said that it will work harder, 爱上海贵族宝贝论坛 with a firm belief, perseverance, and then create new work.

This is the most authentic portrayal of Wang Xiang’s comrades. (Figure / Wen Liu Yonggang) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.