To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

To ensure safety, protect public security and stable Jieyang benefits to surrender and peace "report card"

  2021, Jieyang City police go all the benefits to risk prevention, safety, protection and stability, grasping team, promote the rule of law, excellent service, the human resources for the "benefit to the development and cultural benefits to the beautiful benefits, the benefits to peace red Hui to "build escort.

  Public Security benefits to adhere to the people-centered, carry out a comprehensive "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, deepen the" tube dress put "reform, optimize the launch of the business environment twenty innovative measures. The household matters of public security service five major categories of service issues new 23 sub-service online check, implementation of the "postal police cooperation" to implement simple traffic accident handling procedures, enhance the people’s sense of obtaining, happiness and satisfaction.

  To maintain social stability, public security benefits to adhere to the open road, combine punishment and severely crack down on crime, strong regulation prominent law and order problem, fully squeeze the criminal space. This year, the decline in benefits to the county police criminal police intelligence% year on year, down 31% year on year fraud police intelligence, now Robbery case detection rate of 100%. To "off card" act as the starting point, to strengthen the fight against the chain, the implementation of early warning to discourage, strengthen personnel management and control, to carry out diverse publicity, public security benefits to adhere to the people’s life and property security responsibility fully started the fight against fraud telecommunications network management crucial battle .

  Public Security benefits to adhere to strict management of social security, with emphasis on road traffic regulation order and public security issues highlight two specific remediation work.

Has organized four times a big investigation of campus security big campaigns to carry out multi-rounds "Days of Action", "anti-drug, anti-counterfeiting tobacco, anti-fraud electricity" special combat action. At the same time carry out armed night patrols, improve road see alarm rate, the rate steward. To create a national anti-drug environment, the benefits to the police insist on punishing drug crime a high pressure situation, efforts to consolidate the benefits to drug-related treatment effect, start drug Demonstration City, law enforcement combat, clearing inventory, under the ruthless control aspects of aid, education, etc. effort to increase public awareness poison, Judu, anti-virus awareness and ability.

  Benefits to police the implementation of all-weather big data verification mechanisms, real-time landing verification involving plague data, timely organization of nucleic acid samples and classification of the implementation of control measures to maintain vaccination point order at the scene, the guardian of the people’s lives and health, when healthy gatekeeper good people, erected a steel wall to combat the epidemic of people of the county. To enhance the purity of the team, firmness, benefits to police adhere to the "education and rectification + History learn" two-way force, focusing loyalty clean and play to the revolutionary spirit of self-rule with an iron fist resolutely fight the police, is the wind Su Ji battle, comprehensive and strict Police rule, focus on forging "four iron-clad" iron Army of Public Security.

The 9th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum is about to be held

The 9th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum is about to be held

  People’s Network Shenzhen December 13 (Li Shen) On December 16th, 17th, 2021 Carbon Mid-Bottrans and Forum and the 9th Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum will be held in Shenzhen International Low Carbon City, online online At the same time. Under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission, the new requirements of "double carbon" development requirements, highlighting my country’s confidence and determination to address climate change and achieve "double carbon" goals, enhance the allocation of all parties to my country’s "double carbon" work And understand, conjugate consensus, better promotion of policies. This session is the theme of "Carbon Road China: Green Innovation Leads, Global Action", the Forum will set "1 + 6 + 2 + 2" series of supporting activities, including a main forum, six special forums, four games Seminar, two road performance.

  Among them, "1" is "a main forum", sets the opening ceremony, the main point of speech, and the high-end dialogue.

"Six Special Forum", respectively, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Green Development Summit Forum, Low Carbon Energy Forum, Green Building Forum, International Cleansing Energy Development and Cooperation Forum, Green Health Handhouses Environment Forum, Carbon Trading and Climate Investment Forum .

  "Four Special Seminar", respectively, the Chinese and Europe World City Theory and Practice Comparison Symposium, Shenzhen "Zero Carbon Park" Construction and Management Seminar, Dayan District Carbon Market Symposium, "Carbon Road Pioneer, Longgang First" Theme seminar. "Two International Green Low Carbon Technology Project Road Time and Transaction Fair" is a special road-oriented special offer. In addition, series of supporting activities include major project sign releases and unveiling ceremonies, "double carbon" results exhibition and low-carbon demonstration project tour. This session is held in the form of "online + off". The content of the forum will be displayed on the live broadcast link, and the audience can watch and participate in the forum. Invitation, including the speech, no more than 300 people, including government officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, international organizations in China, and foreign speakers will connect or recording in real-time or recording. Published a speech to participate in the forum. As the retention project of the forum, this year will continue to hold international green low-carbon technology road show, European Road to play two roads. The forum collection from China and Japan, France, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and other hundred projects, and selected projects will be promoted on the spot.

  It is reported that the first Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum opened in Shenzhen International Low Carbon City in 2013.

As a representative professional forum in my country’s green low-carbon field, Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum has been held in succession, with over 10,000 guests from more than 50 countries and regions to participate, explore low-carbon development.

After years of accumulation, Shenzhen International Low Carbon City Forum has become an important platform for spreading climate change and green low-carbon development concepts, showing national and Shenzhen green high-quality development, and conduct pragmatic cooperation in pragmatic cooperation.

(Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see client downloads.

The top design continues to improve the development of the network security industry to enter the expressway

The top design continues to improve the development of the network security industry to enter the expressway

With the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change, cloud computing, big data, block chain, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, etc., the development of new technology, the development of network security industry ushered in new space and new opportunities.

Recently, in the 2021 National Network Security Publicity Week Network Safety Industry Development Forum, the experts scholars believe that the top-level design and overall layout of my country’s network security is constantly improved, the network security industry has evolved into the fast lane, the next step, should continue to strengthen the supply Chain, focus breakthrough core technology, driving the industry to form high quality growth patterns.

Policies, regulations, the top design continuously improved in 2021, my country’s network security and information policy regulations, key information infrastructure safety protection regulations, data security law, personal information protection law released, this for enhancing national network security Protect the public interest, and accelerate the development of network security industry is of great significance.

"my country’s network security laws and regulations have been basically established." Liang Lijun, deputy director of the Safety Technology Industry Department of the CCM Office Network Security Coordination Bureau, said that in recent years, my country’s network security work has been positive, and the top design and overall layout continue to improve, legal system The foundation is constantly consolidating, forming a series of vivid practices and valuable experience.

The relevant work will continue to advance. The Outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan", improve the national network security laws, regulations and institutional standards, strengthen data resources, important networks, and information system security.

Establish a sound key information infrastructure protection system to enhance safety protection and safeguard political security. The planning program makes a clear requirement for network security, including industrial positioning, national policies, capacity systems, and technological development and other levels. China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute Party Secretary, Vice President Yang Jianjun analyzed, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, policy (legal) supporting system related to network security, standard system will be further improved to guide network security industries, improve National network security protection capabilities, guarantee personal information security, etc. will become the focus.

The market demand has grown rapidly, and the industry development has entered the Expressway Ministry of Expressway. Participants believe that technological innovation is highly active, the market demand is rapid, the level of product and service supply continues to improve, and the industrial structure system is more sound and improved, and new vitality has brought new vitality to the network security industry.

"The economic development has a better situation, and it is more urgent to network security." Yang Jianjun said that according to regional points, the current network security demand is the most powerful for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, long triangle, Pearl River Delta and Sichuan.

According to the area, the government department is the most urgent, education, medical and health, energy chemical and other industries. At the same time, the future demand changes in the compliance requirement have attracted the focus of the market entity.

"The promulgation implementation of the key information infrastructure security regulations will bring unprecedented opportunities to the industry." Chen Xinshuo, Chairman of An Tian Technology Group Co., Ltd., saw that comprehensive improvement of key information infrastructure safety protection level, escorting national economic digital transformation It will be one of the key points of the next phase of the national level, which reflects systemic depth rigid demand. Replenishing the short board, promoting the high quality development network security industry in the network security industry is the important support and foundation of our national network security, and continues to make a strong sense and value. Experts pointed out that my country’s network security industry presents a large market space, fast development, and strong corporate vitality. There is also short boards such as low industrial base, insufficient technological innovation, etc., especially supply chain and core technology The problem of neck is urgently needsed. "Supply Chain Security is the life door of critical information infrastructure protection." Wei Wei, director of the China Network Security Review Technology and Certification Center, said that in order to control key information basic supply chain security risks, the country has successively introduced relevant systems, and continuous improvement of security system.

Wei Wei suggested that the technical and certification perspective: vigorously promote network key equipment and network security special product safety testing certification; explore network security service certification system for key information infrastructure; strengthen key information infrastructure supply chain safety management and supervision check Strengthen network security review efforts, expand the coverage of important industries; promote the safety assessment of party and government organs and key information infrastructure cloud services.

"We must enhance your sense of worries!" For the former director of the Department of Public Security, Gu Jianguo suggested that it is necessary to focus on the strategy of national network strong country, strengthen basic research, build a new network security industry development, promote innovative main body "unveiling", focus on Batch "card neck" technology. [National Network Security Promotion Week Series Report].

Social enterprises together to solve the urgent need of the people

Social enterprises together to solve the urgent need of the people

  Because of the two-day parking, the life of the residents of the jurisdiction has brought many inconvenience, in order to solve the urgency of the residents’ migrants, Liu Ying Street Xinxing Road Community Jilin Province Sheng Logistics Co., Ltd. Contact the watermaster, which sent the residents of the jurisdiction. water for live. On the morning of August 11, a water train parked on the roadside of the Honoluluyuan Community. The net whose men went to take the water through the WeChat grid group, and the residents of the jurisdiction were in seeing the water delivery notice in the WeChat group. With various vessels such as bucket, pot, pot, etc., in order to let more residents share the water, Wang Chang, the secretary of the Party Branch of Xinxing Road Community, leads the community staff to the water scene, some help the residents to water, there are Maintain the site order, some to help the old man in the old man, go home … Everyone is busy with water. The sound of water, the snoring, the water, the water, there is a laugh, and the sound is sent into a new music for a happy community. The water supply activity solved the urgent urgent urgent, the community United Nations Logistics Co., Ltd. not only sent water to the residents, but also sent warmth, the community will continue to make difficulties in residents, do practical things as the primary task, and use the actual action heart heart Residents, true feelings serving community residents.

Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

Taizhou housing service work in front of Zhejiang

  On November 29th, Taizhou Housing Service Work Promotion Association and "Turning Stomach" reform pilot site will be held in Jiaojiang in Taizhou.

The reporter learned from the meeting that there are 369 housing service agencies in Taizhou, with a total main setting, a thousand people, the coverage rate of township has reached 55%, and 10 of the county-level infant care service guidance center. 11 training bases effectively meet the homage needs of family housing.

  Since the launch of housing services in Zhejiang in March 2019, the highlight of Taizhou housing service has been in front of Zhejiang.

Taizhou’s Jiaojiang, Wenhai, Tiantai, and Xianju 5 land successfully jointly declarested the first batch of pilot cities of the National Development and Reform Commission’s "City Enterprise Association Increased Puhetic Housing Authority", won the central government funds 14.6 million yuan; Wenling Rural Areas Children’s early development projects have become a national pilot; Jiaojiang has a national unique county city representative at the national Pu Huiji Hillow Service Symposium, Wenling is a typical statement at the Zhejiang Housing Service Workshop; Taizhou Road Bridge, Wenling Housing service work is affirmed by the deputy governor of Yue Chong. At the same time, Jiayang made a pilot experience introduced that the three units of Taizhou Luqiao, Yuhuan and Xianju shared practical experience. After the meeting, the reporter visited Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center and the street infant care service guidance center. In the Ming and Yayuan Hillow Center located in Baiyun Street in Jiaojiang, more than 60 children, divided into three classes, under the guidance of the teacher, carry out various activities such as finger rhythm, free games.

Wang Junbo, the head of Jiaojiang Ming and Yayuan Hillow, introduced that the center received an infant child 2 to 3 years old, and the curriculum is based on the game class, cultivating the child’s behavior habits, and the development of exercise movement. It is also carefully set in the recipes. Eat healthier. According to reports, the housing center is a public housing agency in the first community service model in Jiaojiang District. In October This year, Ming and Yayuan Hillow were rated as four-star housing institution, and the only four-star housing institution in Jiaojiang. In October this year, the Baby Child care service guidance center in the first street community level of Jiaojiang was established at the Shu Street Community Health Service Center. Dad Huang Xiaodong said that every time I came to the guidance center, I can learn some parenting knowledge. The health department is the leading department of housing services.

The relevant person in charge of Taizhou Weijian sector said that the next step to deepen the integrated reform of "one thing" in the housing service field, and actively build three "one thing" application "" Scenes, with digital means to better meet more home homage needs. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Consumers Association Wang Zhenyu: "Internet +" mode urge new consumption expansion and quality

The Consumers Association Wang Zhenyu: "Internet +" mode urge new consumption expansion and quality

PRC Beijing March 10 electrical (chestnut beams Dutch leaders intern Ling) Recently, the People’s Network "people Room" two special edition – the "two sessions moment" series of interviews section, around the "new form of the new model to lead the ‘new consumer’ "theme, the China consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhenyu said that the" Internet + "mode for the common development of new forms mode under the guidance of online and offline, is further reflected in the consumer high-tech fields.

"New consumer" pay more attention to consumers’ new needs and individual needs, but also to provide consumers with more accurate, more convenient services.

In September 2020, the State Council issued the "Opinions on to lead the new consumer accelerate the development of new formats new model", and make a series of important deployment.

The focus of this year’s government work report also suggested that the use of good "Internet +" to promote a broader and deeper integration of online and offline, the development of new formats new models, provide consumers with more convenient and comfortable services and products.

Wang Zhenyu pointed out, the "new consumer" has become a key move to expand domestic demand, the new model through new formats, to provide consumers with more choice, so that consumption on economic growth continued to improve. Opportunities and challenges, how to regulate the new model to promote the healthy development of the new format? In this regard, Wang Zhenyu, said regulators can regulate to promote its long-term development from the following aspects: First, to strengthen research, improving legislation established standard. To be in line with prudential supervision attitude towards new formats new model.

January 1, 2019, "E-commerce Law" into effect, in addition to some industry-specific standards, including standards and guidance mandatory standards, improve this aspect will be for the new spending, the development of new formats lay a good foundation, especially the rule of law the basis for the regulation, to lay a solid foundation for the administration according to law. The second is to some outstanding problems, to strengthen supervision. The new model in the rapid development of new formats, but also accompanied by a number of outstanding issues reflect consumers are concentrated. As for the damage to the lives and safety of consumers, or consumer experience to consumers adversely and other issues, the need to strengthen management at the source, to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud.

Third, we need to deal with consumer complaints. Sun is both the best antiseptic, is the best insecticide.

China Consumer Association actively exploring public system for consumer complaints, wish to consume and publicity play a deterrent role of guide, the demands of consumers can reasonably and legally perfect solution good. Fourth, to promote good formats. Healthy development of the new form of the new model, in addition to regulatory oversight, also need to play to the strength of the community, promote social cohabitation. Give full play to corporate self-regulation, consumer watchdog, various social organizations supervision, in order to promote a new form of the new model is more lasting and better development. (Editor: Sun Yang, Gao Lei) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

The ancient masks, this is a mask

The ancient masks, this is a mask

  According to Taiwan’s "Mid Electronic News" reported on July 31, Jinmen was used in solving water problems, and has been used after the mainland Jinjiang, and has been used after the project is completed. The water-saving project will be held in Golden Gate on August 5, and the mains of the Taiwan authorities suddenly appeared on July 27, "suggested" will be delayed.

  The postponment of the land committee is "the timing is not appropriate".

The direct background is recent East Asian Youth Games in Taichung City to be canceled, and the Ministry of Protection is attributed to the "pressing" of the mainland. This unexpected obstruction and girrging of the Taiwan authorities, triggered the strong dissatisfaction between the local people and Taiwan’s public opinion, and the commentary, "the ancient masks, this is a mask." The obstruction of the "timing is not appropriate" quadruple, and the Taiwan Senior Media Tang Xianglong directly questioned "what". He said that the Golden Gate people have not agreed with Taiwan, especially the DPP. Have you ever thought that the Ministry of Public Advanced Party did? Tang Xianglong believes that Jinmen people are not just water, the feelings of Golden Gate and the opposite shore are not just political performances, they are solid, and they are a family life for thousands of years. Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, emphasized: "There is no water, Golden Gate’s policy and basic construction will be stuck; the water problem does not solve, and the development of Jinmen is empty.

"In order to solve the problem of golden gates, the mainland has been proposed in the 1990s to promote water to Jinmen in Fujian Province. Until June 2013, the ninth talk of the leaders of the two sessions of the sides of the strait will actively promote the introduction of Jinmen from the mainland.

In July 2015, Fujian officially signed the contract of Jinmen Water Supply Project.

Plus water from Quanzhou Jinjiang Jinji to Longhu Reservoir, pumping water through the pumping pump station to the front of the sea point, and then sent to Jinmen by the seabed pipe. Nowadays, the dust is finally settled, but the authorities have elicited moths. Tang Xianglong said, "Today, the reason is based on politics, don’t let me see, low-key, have you in touch with you, have this truth?" Questioning, "Emmers" Golden Gateman is drinking mainland, but it is not allowed to thank, it is a wretched order. The Jindian County Government issued a press release on the evening of July 27, and the call for the Welfare Administration, and the consent ceremony was held at the original time. Taiwan’s mains said that because the mainland "repeatedly suppressed", the Golden Gate county government "is heavy", but the water time can be performed according to the original plan.

  Chen Fuhai, Jinmen County, insists that the ceremony can cooperate with the Idea of ??the World, and to obtain the agreement and understanding of the mainland.

He is looking forward to communicating with the land, letting the Gate from the mainland’s water porcells.

  Taiwan’s "United Daily" analysis said that the Ministry of Protent Party can "counter" continent, and at the same time, it will be canceled by it as a "leading activities". The Democrepreneurship of the People’s Republic of China will postpone the ceremony to fight the "pungement". It can be not mentioned that the East Asian Olympics will hold the East Asian Youth Games. Direct Guide is the People’s Political Forces and "" Taiwan independence "" "The" Tokyo Olympic Games Rehabilitation "claims to participate in the Tokyo Olympics with" Taiwan "rather than" China Taipei ".

Nowadays, I have requested the provision of the golden gateway, but this big incident of Jinmen people’s livelihood has been planned, how can I say that turning my face is like a play? Chen Yuzhen, Jinmen County, said that this is a case where the Ministry of Democratic Party is gaining from the outside of the country.

She called on the authorities, this kind of thing should not be done again, and every time I have seriously hurt the emotions of the Taiwanese people.

The ancient age has a story that is covered with a hidden thing in this world. Blame, ridiculous, and more sad. Innotable "United Daily" article believes that if Jinshen County does not listen to the land committee, the DPP may not approve the mainland officials to Golden Gate.

Because anyway, the two sides have been substantially water, as long as the water is ineffective, the activities of the drums do seems to be possible. However, Golden Gate has special contacts with the mainland. If the two sides of the hostility have risen, the last suffering is still the people of the Golden Gate. Chen Fuhai responded to the incident on July 29, it has been expressed, will be held as usual. However, the land committee still claims on July 30th, the current "timing is not suitable", hoping the Golden Gate County Government delayed the ceremony.

Moreover, the main committee says that the activity can be called a "ventilation ceremony" in the case of the Taiwan authorities, the mainland, and Jinmen County tripartite. The Golden Government of Jinmen County was subsequently discussed that August 5th event was finalized as "Golden Menmaster witnessed the continental water purification ceremony", and did not use the original "Water Ceremony" name. Taiwan’s "China Times" believes that delaying the ceremony but hopes to use the water, the United States is in line with the interests and social views of the island. It is true that the authorities cannot solve the demand for water in Golden Gate, must rely on the mainland. However, it is still not willing to continue to show two strait cooperation at this time. He has to take this policy, completely reflect the inconsistent and unrealistic, "even in order to implement the ideology, do not hesitate to make a victim, and pay attention style".

  The Kuomintang "Relief Committee" Zeng Mingzong said that the DPP should have the weight of the people’s livelihood, and there should be more smarter practices on both sides of the strait. Do not protest, counter-system, and fall into a vicious circle. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.

The results of the polling demand survey have a "land"

The results of the polling demand survey have a "land"

The results of polling demand survey have a "land of martial arts" Source: [] In order to strengthen government procurement demand management, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Demand" (Xinwen [2021] No. 22, hereinafter referred to as "Measures") . According to the author, since the issue of government procurement demand survey results in the "Measures" have not been applied, some purchases do not know how to apply for the results of the procurement needs.

Therefore, the author tries to engage in the experience and "Measures" content for the investigation of procurement needs, and share some experience in the application of the results of the procurement demand survey, hoping to help relevant practitioners. Determining the provision of the subject matter is required by the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement to Promoting SMEs", it is judge whether the supplier is a SME, and it is necessary to first determine the industry’s industry, and then confirm according to its industry. . However, in some cargo procurement, the number of purchases is as many as hundreds or hundreds. In actual work, we need to confirm the industry to each cargo, which is a difficult point in the current procurement document. , Directly affect the preparation efficiency of the procurement document. In addition, the salesperson of the purchaser may be unfamiliar with the target of the target, leading to an error in the industry, and the different operating scale will lead to deviations in the identification of SMEs. Obviously, this is not conducive to the development of SMEs. The procurement demand survey results have a good understanding of the subject matter of the target, and through the early understanding of the target industry, the industry attributes of the purchasing target can be explicitly explicit, and the efficiency of the procurement document is improved. The division segment in the subsequent procurement implementation plan provides a reference, for example, putting the purchasing label of the same industry in the same purchase segment, and the small and medium enterprise judgment standard within the unified section. Whether the project is suitable for SMEs to participate in the investigation of the procurement needs, we will understand the characteristics of the subject matter in the market and some transactions can provide assistance to whether to determine whether the procurement project is suitable for SMEs.

  In the relevant industry survey of the subject matter, we can get many relevant industry development information, such as the stage of the industrial life cycle of the standard, industrial structure, industrial innovation, policy rules, etc., these information is determined whether the subject matter is Suitable SMEs provide an important role.

For example, residential community projects, complex instruments, and projects requiring large production lines, require large production lines, require large-scale production lines. Relatively speaking, those planning services, general instruments procurement, small construction projects, and goods or services that can be provided by small-scale production methods, without affecting the quality and benefits of procurement, such projects are suitable for SMEs. After the investigation department of the investigation department, after obtaining the results of the procurement demand survey, especially the cargo project, the investigation of the survey can visited the use department to confirm whether the demand for their procurement is reasonable.

  In some of the goods procurement projects, such as the purchase of medical devices, sometimes different use sectors, such as CT, and some testing equipment, etc., in most cases, purchasing people or agents In order to save time, the agency is written in the procurement document in the same parameters, which is likely to cause the following cases: Although the supplier provides goods by purchasing demand, the function or parameters required for the use environment Differences, the result is that some departments cannot be used normally, or some of the functional redundancy of the purchased equipment is not conducive to the implementation of government procurement benefits. The procurement demand survey provides a solution to the above scenario, using suppliers to supply experience in different environments, procurement personnel will get the distinctive experience of the use of the same equipment between different use sectors, Further, through the visit to investigate the form of various departments, further confirmation of the applicability of the procurement equipment, break the "technical barriers" existing in the procurement department and the use department.

  The author believes that the procurement demand survey is an effective communication mechanism between purchases and markets, and should not only be used as a programmed job.

There are still many aspects of the application of the results of the procurement demand survey. At the same time, the investigation should not be limited to the contents specified in the "Measures", but should be adjusted according to the standard, applicable environment, etc. A more comprehensive information about procurement projects is more fully understood before performing procurement demand management, which will greatly improve the efficiency and stability of the entire procurement process.

  (Author: Guangxi Electromechanical Equipment Tendering Co., Ltd.).

Taiyuan New Times People’s Education Foundation receives one million yuan for school construction

Taiyuan New Times People’s Education Foundation receives one million yuan for school construction

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan June 3 Electric reporters have learned from the Shanxi Province Taiyuan New Times People’s Education Foundation that the foundation will be donated by RMB 1 million and will be used in the education development work in Taiyuan 27.

The donor is Hou Yong, Vice President of the Taiyuan CPPCC Standing Committee, Vice President of the Taiyuan Municipal Chamber of Commerce, Hou Yong, Chairman of Shanxi Fangyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

  Secretary of Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Education Bureau, Liang Hongyu, Taiyuan City, Industry and Commerce, Chairman, Taiyuan City, Industrial and Commercial Federation, member, Vice President Bai Jianhong, Foundation All members, Donate Hou Yong, Taiyuan 27 Middle School leaders , Teachers, parent representatives, and some of the leaders of the county, the brothers and business guests attended the signing ceremony. The person in charge of the Foundation has signed a donation agreement in Mr. Hou Yong and Taiyuan City, and Liang Hongyu issued a donation certificate for the donor.

  Liang Hongyu speaking on the signing ceremony, hoping that the school can often be grateful, constantly grateful, put the support and inspiration of the society from the society, measures to improve the quality of teaching, and promote the overall education teaching The level is continuously improved, cultivating more ideal beliefs, moral sentiments, has a solid knowledge, there is a good teacher with the heart of love, truly let the students become talents, let the parents are relieved, let the society satisfied! The person in charge of the Foundation, said that it will implement the various work requirements of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee on the Foundation’s Work, close to the high-quality development needs of education, close to the construction needs of teachers, close the development needs of the school, and clear work. The entry point, always adhere to the direction of public welfare, put the pulse of the quasi-era, play a positive role of the Foundation service education; strictly follow the willingness of the donor, make the funding work fine; timely, accurately use good money, Let the donor rest assured that more teachers and students benefit.

  The People’s Education Foundation of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province was officially registered in the Shanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department in March 2021. Based on the principle of educating education, service education, the Foundation is kept in mind as party education, the initial heart of national talent, and actively play the public welfare attributes of philanthysteral organizations, and paying funds throughout the society. Learning, multi-channel raising funds, actively carrying out the scholarship award, assist teaching assistant activities, to promote the high-quality development of Taiyuan education, build a new era, do a good job in the new era, to add new power, provide new support. (over).

The opening of the 8th Sichuan International Expo will launch a new scene of the three-dimensional exhibition transaction.

The opening of the 8th Sichuan International Expo will launch a new scene of the three-dimensional exhibition transaction.

  On September 3, the 8th Sichuan International Tourism Trading Expo was officially opened in Leshan Emei Mountain.

Dadu River Scenic Road Tourism Activities, "Happy Travel, Changyou Mountain" 10,000 people free travel activities.

South Korea as the main bank of the exhibition, Henan Province, Ziyang City and Chongqing Dazhang District as the exhibition guest province and theme city.

  This hotel is focused on display, communication, contest, event, marketing five major sections, launching Emei, 2021 Chinese Characteristic Tourism Commodity Competition, China Cultural Tourism Talent & Human Resources Industry Development Summit, Leshan Wen Travel Series promotion activities, etc. The rest of the event.

  The activities use "online + line" "indoor + outdoor", moving and static combination, to create a new scene of a three-dimensional exhibition transaction. For international exhibitors, the United As-asia Pacific Tourism Association (PATA) holds an international tourism online trade fair (PTM2021), 386 buyers and sellers from 49 countries (regions) to participate, where to go, including more than 20 domestic enterprises At the exhibition.

Inline, set up the negotiation area, the trading area, the forum, etc. In the offline trading, 29 provinces (districts, municipalities) and Xinjiang production and construction civil production and construction, including Beijing and Jiangsu, and more than 220 guests and businesses of Chengdu, Qianyang, etc. It focuses on the development of all localities.

  Strengthening the experience interaction is the highlight of this year’s brief.

Among them, in the "Dynamic Experience + Static Display" area, the local non-legacy cultural and folk characteristic cultural experience activities were set up, surrounded by Leshan national non-legacy cultural, innovation of gold, autumn dragon, non-pain, good guest immersed experience show. The Tourism Association also added research tourism, Emei Alliance, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Self-driving Equipment and 5 professional exhibition areas of Da Sichuan Zone.

Outdoor exhibition sets, Leshan International self-driving tour, multiple brand car dealers concentrated on their own visitus. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference wished the spring show announced the opening. (Reporter Yang Yi Mao Chengbo Zeng Xiaofei Wang Jin Dan) [Editor: Xu Meifan].